Those Who Plan Ahead Stay Ahead of Plan

2011 is more than halfway over, and while it’s still a little too early to break out your Halloween decorations, it’s definitely not too soon to start planning for 2012.

Many people struggle with time management, especially at work. What most people don’t realize is that the first step in managing priorities is picking out a calendar, appointment book or planner that fits their professional and personal styles.

That’s why we’ve put together the following guide to help you decide which time management products will work the best for you in 2012, based on your personality, scheduling demands and job function. Check it out, and feel free to call us or browse our online catalog for the lowest prices on all your 2012 time management needs.

Choose by personality

I’m detail-oriented and like to keep things structured and organized.

Recommendation: Detailed appointment books and products that have special features such as task pads, reminder notes and tabbed sections.

I’m a multi-tasker – I like to stay connected and keep everyone in my circle connected.

Recommendation: A combination of personal organizers, appointment books, wall calendars and desk pads to help you keep track of everything and everybody.

I’m a big-picture visionary so I like things simple, unstructured and basic – too many details are distracting.

Recommendation:  Basic products like appointment books with monthly overviews, desk pads without rulings and erasable wall calendars.

I’m always on the go and hardly have time to keep track of my schedule.

Recommendation: Portable personal organizers, with plenty of pockets for important documents, and a place to jot down quick reminders.

Choose by scheduling demands

Which best describes who you keep track of?

Myself and my family members

Recommendation: Personal organizers, wall calendars and erasable wall calendars.

Myself, my family and/or my staff or clients

Recommendation: Appointment books, wall calendars and erasable wall calendars.


Recommendation: Personal organizers or appointment books.

My students

Recommendation: Personal organizers or appointment books.

Someone else keeps track for me.

Recommendation: Essentials such as desk calendars, desk pads or wall calendars.

Choose by Job

What best describes your job function?

Administrative in charge of scheduling meetings, making travel arrangements and planning events and fundraisers.

Recommendation: A detailed planner, with weekly views and 15-minute rulings as well as monthly overviews to see what’s coming. A wall calendar is also handy for keeping track of the executive team.

Sales or Presentation position responsible for keeping track of appointments, documents, notes and reminders on the go.

Recommendation: Compact planners, ruled for hourly appointments with plenty of special features like pockets for maps and tickets.

Professional who has fairly regular meetings and appointments and does his or her own scheduling.

Recommendation: Appointment books to keep track of your day-to-day goings-on.

Project/Facility Manager who schedules projects, meetings and more for more than one shift of employees.

Recommendation: Wall calendars to give you the big picture quickly and erasable wall calendars for scheduling projects and employees. Plus a desk-size personal planner with plenty of space for listing tasks, follow-up items and personal appointments.

Educator working in the classroom or similar setting.

Recommendation: Academic calendars to let you schedule for the entire school year.

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