6 Types of Binder Rings You Should Know About

By Nicole Tinkham













You may not give much thought into choosing a 3-ring binder. They all serve the same purpose, right? Actually, there are many different options when it comes to binders from ring type to view/non-view, so it’s important to know which one best suits your need. There are 6 different types of binder rings with distinct functions:

The Round Ring is a traditional type of ring that holds a standard capacity.

A Slant Ring is more durable than the round ring and holds up to 25% more.

The D-Ring resembles the letter D and holds up to 30% more than the round ring.

The EZD Ring is going to hold the most paper with up to 50% more than the round ring. It is also a gap free ring which allows pages to turn easily and is more durable than the round ring.

The EZ-Turn Ring is mounted to the back cover allowing pages to lie flat. This type of ring also allows for smooth page turning.

The Gapless Ring is a solid ring that allows pages to turn smoothly. No rings will open if this type of binder is dropped.

Special features to consider when choosing a binder include:

Easy-opening one-touch ring: Rings are able to open with one hand.

Label holders: Place labels on the spine of the binder for easy identification.

Nonstick material: Prevents ink from getting on the pockets or covers.

Pocket slits: Provides a place to store loose papers.

Recycled: These binders are made from materials that are 100% recyclable.

Next time, instead of choosing the standard round ring binder, think about what you plan on using it for. Are you planning on storing a ton of papers? You may need to consider the EZD Ring binder. If you need further help deciding which type to go for, Keeton’s is always happy to help!

Image used under Creative Commons from aperture_lag

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