The Stapler Buying Guide

By Nicole Tinkham


Shopping for staplers often seems like a no brainer. You may not think twice when purchasing the basic stapler, but there are many options to consider. For example, electric staplers are effortless, heavy-duty staplers have the highest sheet capacity, portable staplers can easily fit in a brief case, and the list goes on and on – not to mention the various types of staples and staple removers to consider! No need to feel overwhelmed though, we will take it one step at a time, starting with stapler types.

Electric Staplers
Electric staplers are effortless and have a sheet capacity of 80+. If your stapler receives heavy usage, you will want to get a cartridge stapler which contains 5,000 staples, making the time between reloads longer. You will also want a flat clinch so papers stack evenly. For individual use, consider the amount of space on your desk. You may need to go with a smaller model if your desk is overflowing. There are also battery operated electric staplers that may be handy because they can be taken anywhere.

Heavy-Duty Staplers
These staplers are great for stapling high sheet-count documents. For copy rooms and other shared areas, you may want to consider the highest sheet capacity which is 215 sheets. There are reduced effort and soft touch options available which make stapling more comfortable. Another feature to consider is jam-free performance. Remember that for personal use, you may only need a stapler with a 120 sheet capacity.

Desktop Staplers
There are a few different types of desktop staplers: grip staplers, desk staplers, and portable staplers. When deciding which one to go for, consider how you use your stapler – do you grip it in your hand or use it on your desk? If you grip the stapler in your hand, you may want to try a grip stapler. These have durable, soft-touch handles. They are also lighter weight. If you staple on your desk without picking up the stapler, desk staplers are for you. These are basic staplers for everyday use. Portable staplers are perfect for traveling because they fit in briefcases and purses.

Specialty Staplers

Now that we have a good idea of the different types of staplers available, let’s take a look at staples.

  • Standard staples will work in any standard stapler.
  • Premium staples offer superior performance. These staples may cost a bit more but they prevent jams.
  • Crown staples are only used in specific staplers. These provide an improved holding power.
  • Heavy-duty staples are able to hold a high sheet count together. They only work in specific staplers.
  • Cartridge staples can hold up to 5,000 staples and are used in electric and heavy-duty staplers.

*Note: You can purchase either half (105 staples) or full (210 staples) strips of staples.

Staple removers are often forgotten when stapler shopping, but they are a necessity when trying to remove staples. Here are a few types of staple removers available:

  • Jaw style – Has steel jaws and plastic grip to pry staples out.
  • Wand style – Works with one simple motion.
  • EZ grip – Designed for comfort.
  • Heavy-duty – Easily removes both standard and heavy-duty staples.
  • Slide-N-Store – Removes and stores staples with one easy motion.

Congratulations, you are now ready to make an informed stapler purchase! Need further help choosing the perfect stapler and accessories? We are always happy to help!

Image used under Creative Commons from Orange42

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