10 Easy Ways to Go Green in the Office

By Nicole Tinkham


Going green has probably crossed your mind a time or two, but turning an entire office into a green office can be overwhelming. We understand that you can’t change your office over night, so we put together this list of easy things that can be done over time. You will find that most of these are simple changes that can be easily implemented in the office today!

Go digital
Instead of printing off a copy of the meeting agenda, interesting article, or funny joke for everyone in the office, why not just email it? Yeah, a few prefer having a printed copy but they can still print it off if they choose to do so. This saves paper, ink and space on your desk. Remember we talked about office organization in our “9 Easy Office Organizing Tips” post last week? Why add more papers to that growing pile?

Another way you can go digital is to start signing up for online statements. If you are currently receiving statements from Keeton’s in the mail, we encourage you to receive them electronically instead. All you have to do is give us a call (941-747-2995) and we’ll switch you over!

Environmentally friendly supplies
There are several environmentally friendly office supplies available nowadays from binders to Post-it Notes. The following checklist will give you some of the greener choices Keeton’s offers so you can start buying green!

Solar power
When you think solar power, you may also think, “expensive.” While this is true, you should consider the long term savings that may benefit you. Not just any building is suited for solar power though. It all depends on your location and building set-up. While this isn’t a decision you can make on the whim, it is something to consider.

Multi-purpose machines
The machines you have in your office produce toxic substances in both the manufacturing and disposal stages. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your office could run on only one machine that did everything? Say hello to multifunctional machines – you can use them to fax, copy, print, and scan. Amazing right? There are many options available, so if you need help choosing the one for your needs, give us a call and ask for Jeff in the machines department.   He knows pretty much everything there is to know about machines!

Buy in bulk
When it comes to break room supplies, consider buying in bulk. Refill jars and dispensers with coffee, creamer, sugar, salt and anything else you have stashed in the kitchen. It’s not necessary to run out and get a membership to a bulk supply store though. You can get everything you need for the office in one place. Aside from office supplies, Keeton’s also offers Jan/San and break room products.

Compact fluorescent bulbs
Natural lighting is ideal but not always a realistic option (especially during hurricane season in Florida). When it’s dark and gloomy, use compact fluorescent bulbs. They use 75% less energy and last about 10 times longer. You will end up saving on energy costs, replacement bulb costs, and you will reduce waste. They come in all sizes and wattages so really, there’s no excuse not to switch over.

Eliminate the use of screen savers
Screen savers are a fun way to personalize your space. You can reminisce on that vacation you had last summer or enjoy a motivational quote. However, when going green in the office you should rethink the screen saver. Instead, set your monitor to power off after the same amount of time left alone. No worries, you wont be stuck in a dark, depressing office. We’ll reveal an idea to liven up your office later in this blog.

Sound like a dream come true? Even if only done a few times a month, telecommuting reduces the effects the commute has on the environment, saves time and money, and reduces the hit road maintenance takes with so many drivers out there. Aside the fact that you get to spend more time at home in your pajamas, you might actually be more productive. You may want to mention this to your boss (leave the pajama part out).

Remanufactured ink and toner
Using remanufactured ink and toner keeps cartridges out of landfills while saving you money. Keeton’s gives you the option of purchasing Innovera remanufactured cartridges. Innovera takes original cartridges (that would normally end up in a landfill) and replaces all components back to OEM standards. To learn more about Innovera products, check out their website. You can also calculate the environmental impact of recycling your cartridges with the Green Calculator and calculate how much money using these products can save you with the Savings Calculator.

Decorate with plants
Move your dusty artificial plants out of the way and make room for REAL green plants! They are more than just nice to look at – they absorb airborne pollutants and they release healthy negative ions and oxygen into the air. They can even make the office more comfortable and inviting. So grab some tropical plants and relax (a little).

Turning your office into a green one can be simple and inexpensive. Remember, doing only a few things can make a huge difference so go ahead and start small by trying out a remanufactured cartridge, choose a recycled file folder with your next purchase, or just print less. If you have any questions (or suggestions) about going green, please let us know!

Do you have a green office? We want to know about it! What makes your office so green? Comment below!

Image used under Creative Commons from Corey Leopold and Lauri Väin

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