54 Sharpie Products Every Sharpie Lover Should Know About

By Nicole Tinkham

Image used under Creative Commons from Crystl

Even if you aren’t an epic Sharpie artist, you probably have used one at some point in your life. In the event you are unfamiliar with Sharpie, here’s a little bit of history on the famous permanent marker.

Sanford introduces the first pen-style permanent marker (the Sharpie Fine Point black) in 1964. It writes on just about any surface and becomes a huge hit. The Sharpie Extra Fine Point marker is introduced in 1979 with four available colors. The Sharpie Ultra Fine Point is introduced in 1989 and is the first marker that actually writes like a pen. With time, Sharpie marker’s popularity grew and with that came new colors and styles. Aside from permanent markers, Sharpie also offers pens, pencils, highlighters and other specialty products. Let’s take a look at what Sharpie is up to now.


NEON: The latest fine point markers from Sharpie come in five vivid neon colors: pink, blue, green, orange, and yellow. Under a black light these bright neon colors turn fluorescent.

THE TIPS: Sharpie markers come in various tip sizes. You will recognize the fine point as being the most common. Ultra fine and extra fine points are both great for precision and then there’s the Super Sharpie for creating bold lines.

RETRACTABLE: Sharpie also makes retractable markers for those times you only have one hand available.

TWIN TIP: Can’t decide on a point? That’s why Sharpie came up with the twin tip markers – one marker, two different tips.

  • Twin Tip Marker “Dual precision” – Both fine and ultra fine points in 10 different colors
  • Super Twin Tip Markers “The two in one” – Both fine and chisel points in 3 colors (black, red, and blue)

THE MINI: These tiny Sharpies are half the size of regular Sharpies and are perfect for hanging on a keychain. You never know when you’ll need a Sharpie!

STAINLESS STEEL: Sharpie takes a luxurious turn on this marker with a steel design and the Sharpie logo etched on the side. You can even get ink refills for this one!

BRUSH TIP: Writing with a Brush Tip Sharpie is like writing with a paint brush. It allows you to create both fine and bold lines. It’s also great for shading with 12 assorted colors.

METALLIC: For stunning color on both light and dark surfaces, try Metallic Sharpies. These markers produce a vibrant metallic sheen in gold, bronze, or silver.

80’S GLAM: These limited edition colors are all about the 80’s with colors like “Valley Girl Violet” and “Leg Warmer Orange”.

  • 80’s Glam Fine Point – 5 limited edition colors available
  • 80’s Glam Ultra Fine Point – 5 limited edition colors available


THE SHARPIE PEN: Sharpie’s pen is great for note taking, journaling, zentangle art, and anything else you would use a typical pen for. What’s nice about the Sharpie pen is that it comes in several colors (depending on the type), unlike your ordinary pens which only come in a few basic colors. These are similar to Sharpie’s Ultra Fine Point markers however, these won’t bleed through paper.

RETRACTABLE PENS: Like the Sharpie retractable marker, the retractable pen offers easy one-handed use.

  • Fine Point – Comes in 6 colors with a comfort grip
  • Medium Point – Comes in blue, black,  and red with a comfort grip

THE GRIP: Sharpie Grip pens offer a more comfortable writing experience in both fine and medium points.

STAINLESS STEEL: Like the stainless steel Sharpie marker, the stainless steel pen offers a luxurious writing experience with a soft comfort grip.


THE LIQUID PENCIL: With liquid graphite technology, this pencil contains lead that avoids breakage. This pencil writes smoothly like a pen but erases like a pencil.


GEL: Gel highlighters are different than the ordinary highlighter because they don’t smear or bleed which makes them perfect for use on thin papers, magazines, and Bibles. They also don’t dry out if you forget to put the cap back on. These highlighters come in 5 exciting colors!

MINI: The mini highlighter is the same size as the mini permanent marker- it’s small enough to fit just about anywhere and can easily be put on key chains. You can find this tiny highlighter in 5 different colors.

POCKET: This highlighter has a chisel tip (great for underlining) and is available in 7 bright colors.

TANK: The Tank will last a long time with its large ink supply and the chisel tip is great for both highlighting and underlining. You can fine the Tank in 7 different colors!

RETRACTABLE: This highlighter offers one-handed highlighting action with the click of a button and comes in 8 awesome colors.

GENERATION: The Generation highlighter is all about looks. This stylish highlighter comes in 5 bright colors.

LIQUID PEN: The Liquid Pen offers 10 vibrant colors that you can see through the barrel so you know when you’re about to run out!

BLADE: The Blade is one highlighter with 3 different line widths, making it perfect for just about anything. You can find the Blade in 4 bold colors.

Specialty Products

CD/DVD MARKERS: These twin tip markers are perfect for labeling CDs and their cases! 4 colors available!

COUNTERFEIT DETECTOR: These markers can easily detect bad bills by recognizing the key ingredient found in U.S. bills. With bad bills, the golden brown mark will turn black.

RUB-A-DUB LAUNDRY MARKER: Don’t be afraid to use these on fabric – it’s made to be washed and dry cleaned without coming out.

CALLIGRAPHIC WATER BASED MARKER: Fascinated with calligraphy? The calligraphy tip on this marker is perfect for fancy card and invitation lettering. These are available in an assortment of 5 colors.

FLIP CHART MARKER: With its no bleed features, non-squeak tip, and low odor, the Flip Chart Marker is perfect for office and classroom settings. These are available in 8 different colors!

PEEL-OFF CHINA MARKER: No need to sharpen these pencils – just unravel the string to reveal more. Why is it called a china marker if it looks more like a pencil? Well, it’s great for writing on china as well as other non-porous surfaces such as glass and plastic. There are 6 different china marker colors available.

WATER-BASED PAINT MARKERS: Sharpie Paint Markers make painting a whole lot more convenient (and less messy). The Water-Based Paint Markers are safe for kids and are great for various art projects including scrapbooking and posters. These opaque markers are available in a range of colors (including a line of glitter colors) and different points.

  • Extra Fine Point – 18 colors available including standard, metallic, and pastels.
  • Fine Point – 3 bold colors (blue, green, and yellow)
  • Medium Point – An assortment of 11 colors available
  • Bold Point – Available in 5 basic colors
  • Glitter – The glitter paint markers come in an extra fine point with an assortment of 6 colors

OIL-BASED PAINT MARKERS: These glossy paint markers can be used on anything – plastic, glass, wood, you name it! They come in various points and colors (including metallic!).

  • Extra Fine Point – 8 colors available for both light and dark surfaces
  • Fine point – 15 bright colors are available for this popular one!
  • Medium Point – Available in 15 colors
  • Bold Point – 5 basic bold colors (black, blue, yellow, red, and white)

STAINED: This is the first brush tip Sharpie made for use on fabric. With 8 vibrant colors, these markers are great for customizing hats, shirts, socks, or any fabric you want!

Industrial Markers

THE KING SIZE: The biggest Sharpie you can find is made for heavy duty use on surfaces like metal, stone, and leather. Its aluminum barrel can stand up to any job.

THE MAGNUM: The Magnum is a huge marker that produces extra wide lines. Don’t worry about it drying out that easily – this marker has a large ink supply for those ginormous projects.

PROFESSIONAL CHISEL TIP: With its no-slip oval shaped barrel and cap (easy to use with gloves) and its extra long lasting chisel tip, this marker is made for professionals.

INDUSTRIAL: A marker made for industrial and laboratory use available in two different points.

THE MEAN STREAK: This beast is able to mark on wet and oily surfaces making it great for industrial use. The Mean Streak comes in 2 colors: yellow and white.

When you need a permanent marker, what brand pops into your head? We’re confident you answered the same as we did: Sharpie. Their successful marketing over the years has allowed them to enjoy being the most recognized permanent marker in the world. There is however a debate that currently exists surrounding their products: Are they office or art supplies?  Share your opinion in the comment box below!

28 thoughts on “54 Sharpie Products Every Sharpie Lover Should Know About

  1. I use Sharpies for more than just office supplies and art projects! I use them in my kitchen to mark names and dates on products that I put into baggies. I have used them to create a full-back “tattoo” on my daughter for a swim competition. We use them on a concrete wall in our downstairs playroom for guest to sign their names. The possibilities for Sharpie markers are endless!

      1. My favorite has to be the basic black pen, we can’t keep enough of them around! I love all the colors, too…but the black seems to be the biggest need in our home. We have one in every room, a least lol

  2. Sharpies are office supplies, but my office is a classroom where I’m catching the attention of children with design and color….. Hmmmm?

  3. I use them for both!! They are certainly office supplies, but these neons have such a great art supply look to them! They’d be awesome to use in my classroom. 🙂

  4. I use them a lot for office supplies.. writing names on things, making worksheets, grading papers, making charts, etc..

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