How to Measure a Binder (The Correct Way)

By Nicole Tinkham


Have you ever purchased a 2” three-ring binder only to realize it’s not exactly 2”? Could the label on the binder be wrong? Or, is it possible that the store you purchased it from had it on the wrong shelf? Actually, it could be neither. We’re here to break the glass on years of frustration: binders are not measured by the spine. In this post we are going to reveal the secret to measuring three-ring binders.

Round ring binders come in the following sizes:

  • 5” – 850 sheet capacity
  • 4” – 700 sheet capacity
  • 3” – 550 sheet capacity
  • 2” – 400 sheet capacity
  • 1 ½” – 350 sheet capacity
  • 1” – 200 sheet capacity
  • 5/8” – 115 sheet capacity

D-ring and slant-d ring binders will have a higher sheet capacity with the following sizes:

For round ring binders, the size is determined by measuring the inside diameter of the ring(s). D-ring and slant-d ring binders are measured by the straight edge of the ring. Hopefully this makes determining binder sizes a whole lot easier!

Like this quick tip? Please comment below with ideas for our next “how to” blog post!

Image used under Creative Commons from FeatheredTar.

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