4 Correction Supplies You Should Know About

By Nicole Tinkham


None of us are perfect, which is why we all need a little bit of help from time-to-time. No, this isn’t a self-help blog; at least not in the way you might be thinking. Because we make mistakes, we often need something to cover them up. Do you know where we’re going with this? Friends, meet “white-out.” Oh, you’ve met before? Perfect. And it’s ok if you haven’t. We’re sure by the end of this blog, you’ll be ready to enter into a fully committed relationship. For the amateur and the veteran, white-out is a life saving product. Its uses and its styles are as plentiful as your frequency to make mistakes. We’re confident that correction supplies will be around forever; at least until we stop making mistakes. As the years have passed, correction supplies have changed. So much in fact that we’ve committed an entire blog to tell you about the traditional, the new and the improved supplies available to make your life a whole lot easier!

Correction fluid

While there are many new correction supplies designed to make life easier, you may still prefer the classic correction fluid. These come in small bottles with either a brush or foam wedge applicator on the cap. Like the other types, these also come with some variation. Below you will find the different correction fluid options.

Correction pen
The correction pen looks like an ordinary pen but has an area that can be squeezed to release the fluid. These come in handy when covering up small individual letters and numbers that the tapes are too large for. You can find these in the regular pen or the 2-in-1 which has both the pen tip and applicator foam wedge. This is great for covering both large and small areas.

Correction tape
Correction tape comes in a plastic cartridge that allows you to apply a line of white tape to the surface of the paper. All you have to do is press down and pull over the area. The tape will automatically stick to the surface leaving you a crisp, dry line that can immediately be written on. You can find these handy tools in numerous styles with special features.

  • The WideLine – 30% wider than the standard
  • Grip – provides an easier hold
  • Mini – smaller, convenient size
  • Refillable – no need to buy new dispensers each time
  • Compact – easy to hold for precise corrections
  • Redaction – covers confidential information
  • Twist cap – protects tape when not in use
  • Two-way dispenser – covers a whole sentence or a few letters
  • Pen style – easy to use (like a ballpoint pen)

Cover-up tape
Cover-up tape sounds like it would be very similar to the correction tape mentioned above however, they have very different purposes. The cover-up tape dispenser resembles that of Scotch tape. This means you would have to tear off the correct length tape and place it on the surface yourself. The width of the tape comes in the following sizes: 1/6” (1 line), 1/3” (2 lines), and 1” (6 lines). We know what you’re probably thinking – more work than the convenient correction tape but really, they are two very different products. Below are some of the many uses for cover-up tape that can’t be achieved with the correction tape.

  • Tape can be removed so original document can be reused
  • Able to block out large sections of a document
  • Can cover certain areas before photocopying
  • Invisible in copies
  • Great to use as labels on binders, CDs, folders, etc.

Correction supplies are great aren’t they? Making mistakes is more fun when white-out is involved. Before getting frustrated with your tendency to make mistakes, explore the different types of options and you’ll discover one that best suits your needs. Everyone has their preference whether it’s cover-up tape, quick drying fluid, or a precision pen. Get out there and find your favorite! And don’t forget to tell us about it! Tweet about your favorite type of correction supplies using #correctionsupplylove.

Questions? Comment below, give us a call (941-747-2995), or stop in!

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