Top 10 Coolest Office Supplies

By Nicole Tinkham

Your office should be more than a functional work space. It should be a place where you can express yourself. You spend the majority of your time there so fill it with things that make you smile, inspire you, and help you enjoy coming to work every day. We aren’t suggesting cluttering your desk with nick knacks and toys. Just be creative when it comes to office supplies (tape dispensers, paper clips, staplers, etc.). Think it’s impossible? Think again! There are numerous fun office supplies out there and we’re not just talking about colorful mouse pads and Post-it Notes. In this blog post you will find – what we think – are the top 10 coolest office supplies (all available at Keeton’s).

1. Designer Zebra Scissors


Even though these are basic 8” Fiskars, cutting with these designer zebra print scissors is much more fun! The recycled contour handles are made to fit your hand and the stainless steel blades are very durable.

2. Compact Post-it Note Dispenser


With so many bright and beautiful colors, Post-it Notes are pretty awesome themselves but the dispensers you can get to keep them in are even cooler. There are many different ones out there but we love this one for the ladies! This compact dispenser opens up to your Post-it Notes AND a mirror – making it perfect for throwing in your purse or setting on your desk.

3.     Sleek Electric Pencil Sharpener


Other than its sleek design, what makes this pencil sharpener so special? With the movable dial, you can adjust the sharpener to accommodate 6 different pencil sizes (even the triangular student pencils). And did we mention that even with its powerful steel blades this sharpener is quiet?

4. Fashion Staplers


With three different color options, this full strip stapler will really make a statement on your desk. These fashion staplers are more than just looks though. With their durable construction, they will last many years.

5. Decorative Shipping Tape


There is definitely nothing exciting about shipping tape, except this one! Scotch came out with several different patterned shipping tape designs, but you can’t beat these bold polka dots. Like the regular shipping tape, this one is able to securely seal boxes with excellent holding power.

6. Dog Tape Dispenser


Who doesn’t love dogs? This tape dispenser will surely put a smile on your face!

7. Pencil Cup with USB Charging Hub


Next time you purchase a pencil cup, think about getting one of these charging stations instead. It acts not only as a place to stash your pens and pencils but also as a charging station/stand for smartphones, e-readers, and tablets. Don’t need the pencil cup feature? The pencil cup section can accommodate a second smartphone!

8. Sharpie Neon Markers


You may recognize these from our Sharpie blog post. These Sharpies write in neon (with 5 available colors) and turn fluorescent under a black light.

9.     Angry Birds USB


It’s easy to become addicted to the popular Angry Birds game and just as easy to get addicted to these Angry Bird USB drives.

10. Thumbs up Paperclips


There’s no better way to say “good job” than with these thumbs up paperclips. Use it for your own papers for personal motivation!

We want everyone to stay motivated in the office which is why we’re giving away a pack of these paperclips to two lucky winners. All you have to do is post your favorite office supply from this list in the comment box below. Each entry must also include an email address. We will be doing a random drawing of all participants on Friday, May 24 at noon and will announce the two winners on our blog, Facebook, and Twitter page

18 thoughts on “Top 10 Coolest Office Supplies

    1. We don’t have everything on the list in our retail store but we do have access to order anything on the list. Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions 941-747-2995.

  1. My favorite is the dog tape dispenser! Kids get a kick out of it and they can’t mess with it!

  2. I love the adorable dog scotch tape dispenser! There are som adorable office supplies on this list but I am going to have to find the scotch tape dispenser that is the dog now!

  3. I like them all, but I am in love with the Dog Tape Dispenser! That would bring a bit of joy into each day.

  4. My favorite office supply would be the dog tape dispenser because it is so adorable…..but I need a good pencil sharpener!

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