The Coolest Office Supply Winner Announced!

We want to thank everyone who participated in our coolest office supply contest featured on our Top 10 Coolest Office Supplies blog! We wanted to show  that office supplies don’t always have to be plain and boring. There’s actually a ton of really fun office supplies out there to spice up your work life. The top 10 list on our blog shows the ones we think are the coolest, all available at Keeton’s. There are many more available but those were the ones that really stuck out to us.

We wanted to get your opinion, which is why we asked for your favorite. Participants commented on the blog post with their favorite office supply from the list (we weren’t surprised that the dog tape dispenser and the pencil cup/charging station were the most popular!). Since we believe it’s important to have something quirky and fun in the office, we decided to give away packs of thumbs up paper clips to two lucky winners. These winners were randomly chosen today at noon.

We are happy to announce Tosh and Allison as the winners of the coolest office supply contest! Congratulations Tosh and Allison! We hope you love your new paper clips! Please email your contact information to Nicole at to receive your prize!


We hope everyone enjoyed the contest as much as we loved reading your responses! Follow our blog,Twitter, and Facebook for future chances to win!

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