21 Tips to Organize Your Craft Room

By Nicole Tinkham

Back in April, we featured a blog post on organizing the office. It had great tips on how to get rid of clutter using labels  and designating  a place for everything. While these tips can be used to organize craft rooms as well, we felt that a more specific list was needed featuring creative ways to store ribbon, scrap paper, fabric, etc. Here you will find 21 tips for keeping your workstation organized and stress free!

  1. Ribbon: Save your empty Tic Tac boxes! These are the perfect size for storing small spools of thin ribbon. Remove the stickers for an easy way to identify the ribbon inside. The end of the ribbon can stick out of the opening in the top, making it easy to pull out when ready to use.
  2. Thicker ribbon: For ribbon that doesn’t quite fit in Tic Tac boxes, display them using a tension rod. Simply slide the ribbon spools on the rod and fit the rod inside a bookshelf. You can grab what you need quickly and it acts as a colorful visual piece in the space. Tip: Color coordinate the ribbon as you put it on the tension rod. This simple step will keep you even more organized! Also, feel free to put the rod in unusual places as well, like between the legs of a table. Just have fun with it!
  3. Twine: Turn your sugar dispenser into a twine dispenser! Clean out an old sugar dispenser, place your twine spindle in the canister and pull the end through the hole at the top. OR use a mason jar with a hole punched in the lid.
  4. Scrapbooking supplies (or any small items): If you have a weekly pillbox lying around that’s not in use, you can repurpose it to store small items. Place small labels on the lids to identify the contents of each compartment.
  5. Odds & ends: Believe it or not, muffin tins make great sorters! If you’re not much of a baker or have a few lying around, use them to sort small supplies. Make sure to keep like things together though, or else you’ll end up with an unorganized mess. If you don’t have a muffin tin, just use an empty egg carton! Great idea: add a magnet to the bottom (if using the muffin tin) to keep metal things in place!
  6. Scissors: Tend to misplace scissors all the time? Create a home for them like a special box or tin and ALWAYS put them back after every use!
  7. Small paper and fabric scraps: Hanging jewelry and shoe organizers are amazing for storing scrap paper and small pieces of fabric. There are several compartments to sort colored scraps and it can be hung over the door and out of the way.
  8. Punches: Paper punches can be bulky and difficult to store. We’re going to share a brilliant way to store them so they’re organized and visible! Start collecting curtain rods – the inexpensive white ones with curved ends. Attach these to the side of a bookcase or directly on the wall. Now you can prop the punches along the curtain rods by the punch handle. This way all of your punches are displayed and out of the way!
  9. Yarn: Organizing/storing yarn can turn into a headache. If you do it right the first time, you can avoid a tangled mess. From now on, save your empty oatmeal cans. I know this sounds crazy but they make great yarn cubbies. Just attach the bottom of the canister to the wall and put a skein in each one. This keeps them separate and untangled. Design tip: cover the canisters with paper for a cleaner look.
  10. Things in jars: Free up your workspace by removing cups, jars, and storage containers from your work table. No, you don’t have to start trashing everything. Just store these items in jars with the lids attached to the underside of a shelf. You won’t believe how much stress is relieved once clutter is removed from the work area!
  11. Odds and ends: It’s ok to throw a few odds and ends in a jar but make sure you label it, for example “sewing things”.
  12. Inspiration board: We love the idea of having an inspiration board in your workspace. Here you can pin up anything that sparks your creativity such as a painting with your favorite colors or a quote that keeps you motivated. Instead of a cork board use a magnetic board. That way it’s super easy to change out images plus you can attach anything metal right to the board.
  13. Embroidery floss: Like yarn, tangled embroidery floss is a nightmare to deal with. To keep untangled, wrap the thread around a clothespin and secure it by clipping the end of the thread.
  14. Use a pegboard and hooks: You will find many uses for a pegboard. You can hang scissors, paintbrushes, clipboards, shelves, wire storage organizers, tags, etc. You name it, you can hang it!
  15. Fabric: Do you have a closet overflowing with fabric? We bet it’s impossible to find what you’re looking for. Dresser drawers actually make organizing fabric a whole lot easier. If you don’t have a dresser available for use, you can usually find an inexpensive one at a thrift shop. Neatly fold the fabric and line up horizontally in the drawer (not stacked on top of each other). Take it a bit further and organize by color!
  16. Scrapbook paper: This is probably one you would have never thought of! Instead of stacking, hang scrapbook paper in the closet. To do this, just use pant hangers. We recommend using a protective covering like a large sheet protector or clear portfolio so paper doesn’t get damaged.
  17. Small bottles: It can be difficult to store several small bottles because they are so easy to knock over. This clever trick will solve all of your small bottle issues! Attach a cookie sheet to the underside of a shelf. Next, glue magnets on the bottom of the bottles. Now you can hang them under the shelf on the cookie sheet!
  18. Rubber stamps: For organizing small rubber stamps, a tool/hardware chest may work. Look for one that has many compartments and clear drawers (so you can identify what’s inside). You want to group like stamps together, for example plants or holiday themed stamps. For labels, put a stamped piece of cardstock in the front of the drawer. Make sure the stamped label clearly identifies what is in that compartment. Be creative and try out different colored cardstock for your labels!
  19. Clear stamps: Above we talked about storing rubber stamps but if you have several of the slim clear stamps, there may be a better way to go about organizing them. You can keep them all in a binder by using baseball card protectors that fit right in the binder. For larger stamps, use larger sheet protectors.
  20. Label shelves: Even if you have everything organized and labeled on a shelf, you can be even more organized by labeling the shelf itself. This makes finding what you need even faster.
  21. Storage bins: While we focused on unique ways to store art supplies in this post so far, don’t forget about storage bins.  Art Bin (available at Keeton’s) makes a large variety of storage bins made specifically for art/craft supplies. They carry everything from pencil cases to large satchels. Just ask one of our art specialists for help choosing the one that best fits your needs.

Don’t feel overwhelmed, this is the perfect time to get inspired! By no means do you have to follow all or any of the tips on the list. We all work differently so come up with your own organizing system and get creative with it! For more organizing ideas, check out our Pinterest board Let’s Get Organized. There you will find great office, home, and craft room organizing tips! Feel free to share pictures of you’re organized (or unorganized) craft room. We’d love to see the place where you find your inspiration!

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