Why You Will Fall in Love with Gelly Roll Pens

By Nicole Tinkham


Gelly Roll pens made by Sakura aren’t like any other pen. They are an experience. These artist pens have creamy gel ink in an array of expressive colors. Artists often use them for doodling, writing, and signatures. We guarantee you’ll love Gelly Roll pens – the only question that remains is which one will be your favorite?


  • Available in fine and medium points
  • Archival ink means waterproof, fade-resistant, and chemically stable
  • No smears or bleed-through (on most paper)
  • Certain colors (black, blue, purple, burgundy) are perfect for writing checks since the ink is resistant to fraudulent washings
  • Consistent ink flow
  • Wide variety of colors available

Use them for:

  • Journals
  • Scrapbooks
  • Letters
  • Legal documents
  • Doodling
  • Artist signature

Note: Not for use on fabric or ceramics intended to be washed.

Which will be your favorite?

  • Classic: These are your basic colors (black, blue, purple, pink, red, green, etc.)
  • Moonlight: These bright fluorescent colors come alive and glow in darkness. We suggest using these on dark paper to really make the colors stand out.
  • Stardust: The Stardust series tends to make everything better with a little sparkle and glimmer. These are best used on light colored or matte paper.
  • Metallic: These shiny, metallic pens work well on both light and dark papers as well as glossy and matte surfaces.
  • Gold Shadow: This unique series actually writes in 2 tones: gold metallic outlined by a contrasting ink color. These pens produce a fancy, shimmery effect perfect for events, invitations, and cards.
  • Silver Shadow: Like the Gold Shadow, this series writes in 2 tones. However, instead of gold, it writes in metallic silver with an outline in a contrasting color. For best results, use these on bright white papers.

Still not won over? Take a look at the doodle below by Deb Webster to see them in action!


Feel free to stop in our retail store to try out the many Gelly Roll pens available. We want to see what you can do with them! Once you get your hands on your own Gelly Rolls, send us a picture of what you created and share on our Facebook and Twitter pages, we can’t wait to hear from you!

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