Top 10 Coolest Back-to-School Supplies

By Nicole Tinkham


Summer isn’t over yet, but there is no better time to grab the coolest back-to-school supplies before they’re gone! Whether it’s supplies for grade school, college, teaching, or art classes that you’re after, Keeton’s has what you need. Beware: this isn’t your typical school supplies list – it’s full of exciting supplies that you need to have!

1.     BINDERS


We bet these are on every back to school list! Binders are great for organizing papers by class plus these vibrant colors are perfect for color coding. Other sizes and colors available as well – view them here!



3-Ring binders are a necessity when organizing papers. But what if you have loose pages without holes? That’s where the paper punch comes in. These awesome colors allow you to color coordinate with the rest of your supplies! To view other punches available, click here.



Planners are a must when trying to keep up with classes, meetings, and activities. These planners contain the academic year (July 2013 to July 2014), making them ideal for students and teachers. This way only one planner is needed for the whole school year instead of two. View all academic planners.



These Swingline fashion staplers are more than just stylish. Their slim design allows them to easily be taken anywhere, even thrown in a backpack. Also check out the other fashion staplers available.

5.     STAPLES


You can’t have a colorful fashion stapler without Swingline Color Bright staples! They come in three cool colors that you’ll love: light blue, dark blue, and green. Also check out the multi-pack with red, blue, and green staples!



Are you the King or Queen of multi-tasking? If so, you’ll love the dual function of bookmark pens. These unique pens are used as both writing instruments and bookmarks. The clip at the top attaches to the page and the pen itself is super slim to fit in any book nicely. These pens are not only functional though. They also stand out with numerous bright color combinations!


Pencil cases

This year, don’t lose a single pen, pencil, sharpie, or highlighter. Store all of your writing tools in a mesh pencil case and have everything you need all in one place!

8.     USB


You may recognize this USB from our Coolest Office Supplies blog. Not a fan of the Angry Bird pigs? Red and black birds are available as well as other characters!

9.     PUSH PINS

Push pins

These fun push pins are sure to add a few smiles to the classroom!


Post its

Look familiar? Post-it Notes and the many varieties in which they come were featured in one of our past blog posts. These sticky notes are both practical and eye catching with many bright color options. To learn more about them, view the blog here.

And that concludes the top 10 coolest back to school supplies! You can find all of these supplies (and more!) in our retail store. As you may be familiar, Keeton’s also carries quality art supplies. If you need supplies for art classes, stop in and let our art experts help you find exactly what you need!

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