What is the Difference between Montana Black and Gold?

By Nicole Tinkham


Montana cans provide high quality products specializing in spray paint. The Montana brand carries various types of markers and inks, paper (sketchbooks, notebooks, marker paper), and of course spray paint and accessories (caps, gloves, silencers, etc.).  When browsing the numerous Montana spray paint colors at Keeton’s, you’ll notice two different cans: black and gold. One of the most common questions we get is “what’s the difference?” This blog will help you differentiate the two and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Montana Gold

The main thing that sets Montana Gold apart from Black is its low-pressure. This provides extra accuracy and total control when working on fine details. The caps on Montana Gold cans have a spray width of 0.4cm up to 25cm (depending on the user), a smaller range than that of Montana Black. With 204 matt colors available, you have plenty to choose from!


The shock series is a collection of colors with high-coverage. This series has become so popular that it has been transferred over to the Montana markers as well.


The classic colors series is based on the colors used back before manufacturers created spray paint specifically for graffiti art. Most of the time these colors were chosen by their opacity as a higher opacity is needed for urban art.


This set of colors are powerful and eye-catching, inspired by CMY (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow) colors.


Being able to glow under UV light, these colors are truly unique! It’s recommended to use fluorescent colors on a pre-primed white surface. This helps to improve coverage. One downfall of this series is the lack of lightfast. You can use clear coats for protection but the fluorescent qualities lessen.


This series contains metallic particles. When the light shines on these particles, it produces a chrome effect. Like the fluorescent colors, these are less weather-proof. Again, clear coats can be applied for protection but tends to lessen the effect.


Transparent colors come in both black and white and are used to add depth. Transparent black is perfect for shadows while the white is ideal for highlights.

View all of the colors here!

Montana Black

Montana Black is also a high quality matt spray paint but unlike Gold, it is a high-pressure formula. This allows for a quicker application with spray widths from 1cm to 30cm (depending on user). All Montana Black cans are 100% winter-proof for extreme cold temperatures. Another benefit of Montana Black is the quick dry time thanks to the optimized Nitro-Combination lacquer. This dry time is ideal for working with layers. With 170 colors, you’re bound to find the perfect shade!





Like the Process series in Montana Gold, this series features CMY (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow) colors.

View all colors here!

Other Montana Cans

There are many other types of spray paint from Montana such as Montana White, Montana Spider, and Montana Ultra. For further information on these, look for a future blog post or check out Montana’s website.


Montana can accessories are also available with various size caps, gloves and can silencers. For further assistance with these accessories, feel free to give us a call (941-747-2995) or stop in and talk to one of our art specialists. We will also feature cap types in a future blog post!

How to use your Montana Cans

  1. Take off the cap.
  2. Remove the black safety ring.
  3. Shake the can upside down to loosen up the pigments.
  4. Test spray on paper or cardboard.
  5. When finished, put the safety ring back on with cap on top.

Both Black and Gold Montana cans have unique qualities, the main one being pressure. Basically, if you’re doing fine details you should go with Montana Gold. To cover a larger surface area, Montana Black is the one to use. As always, we want to see your work! To share, just post a picture of what you’re working on to our Facebook page! We can’t wait to hear from you!

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