How to Find the Correct Refill for Your Pen

By Nicole Tinkham


After reading our blog post on How to Choose the Right Pen, you’ve probably found the perfect pen that never leaves your sight. A problem that you’ll eventually encounter (if you haven’t already) is running out of ink and having to purchase a refill. Sometimes this task can be as easy as opening the Keeton’s catalog and finding a refill for the type of pen you have. Other times, you may not know the exact type for the pen or are unable to find it in the catalog. This blog will take you through the steps of finding a refill for your favorite pen so it can be used for a long, long time.

  1. Find out what type of pen it is. The first thing you need to figure out is what type of pen you have. Look at both the outside of the pen and the empty cartridge on the inside to determine the type. Let’s use the Papermate InkJoy 700 RT as an example. You can see in the picture below that the type of pen is printed on the barrel. However, the cartridge on the inside does not have any information on it at all. Sometimes you’ll find the type of pen on the barrel, sometimes it’s on the ink cartridge, and other times there’s no information at all.



  1. Find it in the catalog. If you were able to figure out the type of pen you have, you can now search for it in the Keeton’s catalog. The pen refills start after the pens and go on for a few pages. The type of pen will be listed, usually with a few different options when it comes to color and point type. Sometimes there will be a few different pens that the refill can be used for. For example, you may see: Refills for G2 Gel, Dr. Grip Gel Roller, ExecuGel G6 Gel Pen, Dr. Grip Ltd., and Q7 Gel Pens. As long as your pen is on the list, the refill will fit your pen. Be careful though, there are many pens with similar names out there!

If you do not already have a Keeton’s catalog, we can get you one! Just give us a call (941-747-2995) or stop in!

  1. Search for it on Keeton’s website. If you were unable to find the correct refill in the catalog or are unsure if it’s the correct one, see if it’s listed on the Keeton’s website. There are many ways you can search for it on the website. In the quick search, you can enter in the type of pen (Papermate InkJoy 700 RT).  When you’re looking at the item, you can click “supplies and accessories” which sometimes brings up the refills available for that pen. Please note that refills are not always found using this method. You can also search for “Papermate InkJoy 700 refill”, which should bring up your refill options.
  2. Ask us! We know that finding the correct refill can be challenging. If you need further help, feel free to ask us! Remember, having the model of the pen helps us find the correct refill. If you’re unsure which type of pen you have, bring it in and we can find one that fits.
  3. Compare. If you are unable to stop in Keeton’s and are still unsure of which pen you have, compare the refill currently in the pen to others. Usually, you can pick out a refill that fits by comparing the size and details of other ones.

Don’t stress yourself out when looking for a pen refill. If you’re ever in doubt, we’re always here to help! Please post any questions in the comment box below, or on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

What do you want to hear about next? Your question could be answered in our next blog post!

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