5 Must Have Tablet Accessories

By Nicole Tinkham


Image used under Creative Commons from tribehut

More and more people are turning to tablets for office and personal use. Because of their size, these handy devices can be taken just about anywhere. If you are one of the many that own a tablet, here are 5 accessories you won’t want to live (and travel) without.

1. Keyboard

Keyboards are especially helpful for times when a document needs to be typed up quickly. Most likely you’re used to typing on a regular computer keyboard, not a touch screen device. Purchasing a keyboard for your tablet can make typing more familiar and comfortable for you. Here are some keyboards to look out for:

Keyfolio Expert Folio and Keyboard: This keyboard/stand combo can be adjusted to many different angles and is able to protect your tablet from wear and scratches.

Solar Keyboard Folio: The neat thing about this keyboard is that it’s solar powered by any light and when fully charged, can be used for 2 years!

Bluetooth Mobile Folding Keyboard 2: This keyboard is perfect for on the go with its compact folding design!

Bluetooth Ultra-Slim Wireless Mobile Keyboard: Like the folding keyboard above, this one is also great for travel with its thin, stylish design.

2. Case

Tablets can be very fragile and when traveling, it’s important to find a durable case to keep your tablet safe from any damage. The trick is getting a case that does its job while at the same time promoting a slim, convenient design (not too bulky). Here are some we recommend:

Cinema Dot Folio Case with Stand: This case/stand combo is ideal for watching movies and videos. It protects your tablet while maintaining a slim, lightweight design.

Tri-Fold Folio with Stand: This simple tri-fold design allows you to quickly go from typing to viewing. It’s also super thin, allowing you to slip it into any bag without adding any bulk.

Universal Tablet Folio: This case is truly unique in that it’s customizable to fit a variety of new tablets!

BlackBelt Protection Band for iPad 2: This rubber case provides a secure grip as well as crash impact protection if dropped.

3. Stand

If the case or keyboard you chose does not double as a stand, this is something you may also want to look into. A stand allows for easy reading and working, making your life much easier! Check out a few of the stands we have available:

Chaise Universal Tablet Stand: Your tablet stand doesn’t have to be fancy. If a simple stand is all you’re looking for, this one is for you!

SecureBack Security Case with 2-Way Stand: This 2-way stand/case combo also features a built-in ClickSafe security anchor to prevent theft.

GripMaster 03 Car Desk for iPads: This device is way more than just a tablet stand. This is actually on office desk for your vehicle complete with a writing surface, built-in clipboard, and of course, an iPad mount!

4. Privacy Filter

Privacy filters used on computer monitors to secure data are also available for tablets. This can be good to have especially when traveling on busy planes and buses. The Kantek Four-Way Privacy Filter for Tablets is one to check out.

5. Charging Cables

We talked a lot about how tablets are ideal for on the go but without a charged device, not much can be accomplished. This is where car chargers can be handy!

PowerBolt Duo Car Charger: This charger provides two ports for tablets to be plugged into (or other devices such as smartphones). 

Car and Wall Charger for Mini and Micro USB Devices: This car charger also contains a wall adapter. This charger is used for devices with a mini or micro USB port.

USB Premium Charger: This comes as either a wall charger or car charger and is perfect for keeping your cables organized. It not only comes with cable storage, but also has a Find-Me light to help you find your charger in the dark.

Universal USB Charger: Not sure if the chargers listed above will work for your device? This universal charger works with any device that has a USB connector.

While tablets are convenient and make your life easier, accessories that go along with them make a huge difference. You can use a keyboard with your tablet for easy typing, protect your tablet with a case, get more work done with a stand, protect valuable information from being seen with a privacy filter, and keep it ready to go with portable chargers. It’s no secret that there are numerous accessories available for tablets. We want to know, what’s the one you can’t live without?

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