Your 2014 Calendar Buying Guide

By Nicole Tinkham

It’s calendar buying season once again and even with our blog post on choosing a planner, you may feel overwhelmed. That’s because your options aren’t limited to just personal planners. There are appointment books, wall calendars, and desk calendars as well, each providing several different options to choose from. If you’ve been putting off purchasing calendars for the New Year, now’s the time to find the perfect calendar before it’s gone! Use this blog as a guide and hopefully choosing the perfect one won’t be so complicated!

Appointment Books

Pictured: Gardens of the World Weekly/ Monthly Planner

We’ll start off by talking about appointment books as they offer a TON of options. First of all, you must decide which layout works best for you: daily, weekly, or monthly. Daily spreads will give you the most details within the day and are planned out in hourly, half-hour, and 15-minute increments. This is ideal for blocking out time for the important things. Weekly spreads allow you to view your entire week at a time, giving you’re an overview of how each day is shaping up. This also prevents scheduling conflicts. A monthly spread allows you to view an entire month at a time, perfect for planning vacations and important events.

Features to look for:

Tabbed monthly sections – This will help you find the correct month quickly and easily.

Telephone and address pages – Keep important contact information handy.

Group appointment books – Helps you organize multiple schedules.

Hardcover –Keeps your records protected.

Personal Organizer


Pictured: Bonded Leather Organizer Starter Set

A good personal organizer will offer everything you need to get your life organized. These books put all of your important information in one place with a calendar, contacts section, pockets, note pads, and more. Here are some of the many features that can be found in personal organizers:

Telephone and address pages – Keep important contact information at your finger tips.

Storage pockets – These extra pockets can be used to store loose notes, receipts, photos and anything that needs to be kept in a safe spot.

Note pad – Always have a note pad handy for last minute meetings!

Refillable – Once you find a planner you love, make sure it can be refilled so you don’t have to replace it once the year is up.

Fashionable – A planner is essentially your life so make sure it fits your style!

Extra accessories – Ruler, pouches, business card holder, pen loop, etc.

Desk Calendars


Pictured: Desk Calendar Base and Recycled Tropical Escape Desk Pad

Desk calendars are perfect for staying on task as these are displayed right on your desk. Like appointment books, these too come in daily, weekly, and monthly overviews. Large calendars, typically 22” x 17”, that lay on your desk are called desk pads. Again, there are several features to look for in this type of calendar.

Refillable – Allows you to use the same base, saving you money.

Design – Desk calendars are important accessories you look at everyday, which is why design is important to consider. There are many designs available to instantly put you in a good mood like the Puppies Monthly Desk Pad Calendar or the Motivational Desk Pad.

QuickNotes – Having a dedicated area to jot down notes can be handy when on the phone or meeting with someone.

Organizer – Some desk calendar bases double as a desk organizer including compartments for Post-it Notes, pens, paperclips, and more.

Desk/wall combo – Some desk pads can also be used as wall calendars!

Wall Calendars


Pictured: Recycled Scenic Monthly Wall Calendar

Like desk pads, wall calendars let you view an entire month at a time allowing you to quickly see everything that’s coming up (vacations, meetings, project deadlines, etc.). Wall calendars, however, save space on your desk by hanging on the wall. Here you have a few different options to consider including theme (vacation scenes, puppies, etc.) as well as the following:

Reference calendars – These allow you to see the current month, the month that just ended, and the month up ahead.

Format – As mentioned with desk pads above, some wall calendars can also be used as desk calendars!

Size – Wall calendars come in a variety of sizes. If you have a lot of planning to do and need more space, go with a larger calendar. If you have limited space in your work area, a smaller compact calendar may be the better choice.

Erasable – These will allow you to write on and wipe off so you are able to update your calendar when plans change.

QuickNotes – These allow extra space for taking notes.

Yearly – Get an overview of the whole year with these large wall calendars.

Design – Let your calendar take you away with landscape scenes, tropical escapes, gardens, waterfalls, and more!

How to decide?

With four main types of calendars and numerous options for each one, purchasing a calendar can get confusing. It’s important to choose one that will work well with you and the type of planning you’ll be doing. Here’s a short guideline to get you headed in the right direction.

–          Are you detail-oriented and highly organized?
Go with a detailed appointment book with extra note taking areas and tabbed sections.

–          Are you a multi-tasker?
You may need a combination of personal organizers, appointment books, wall calendars, and desk calendars to track everything and everybody.

–          Are you simple and find details distracting?
Try calendars with a monthly overview and erasable wall calendars.

–          Are you constantly on the go?
There are portable organizers with plenty of pockets designed for on-the-go use.

–          Do you schedule meetings and plan events?
You need a detailed planner with weekly views and 15-minute ruling.

–          Do you handle your own scheduling with regular meetings and appointments?
We recommend an appointment book.

–          Do you schedule projects for more than one shift of employees?
A wall calendar would work best for you.

–          Do you work in a classroom setting?
Make sure to get an academic calendar to plan for the entire school year.

The time to buy 2014 calendars is NOW so use this guide to help you decide which type of calendar best suits your needs. We’re also here to help! Just give us a call (941-747-2995), stop in, or post any questions in the comment box below!

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