10 Gifts Perfect for the Artist on your Shopping List

By Nicole Tinkham

In our last blog post, we mentioned 10 of the hottest office supply gifts (see it here), but we couldn’t leave out the artists on your shopping list! Art supplies make wonderful gifts especially sets and kits such as colored pencil sets and drawing kits. You can even gather a bunch of supplies and make a nice gift basket. After talking with our art specialists, we came up with these 10 art supplies that make perfect gifts – all available at Keeton’s!

1. Colored Pencil Set

Quality colored pencil sets make wonderful gifts. The beauty of these is that you can choose how large the gift is with sets of 12 through 150!

Also consider: Watercolor colored pencils, pastel sets, and accessories (erasers, paper, sharpeners, etc.).

2. Drawing Kit


Drawing kits are perfect for both experienced and beginner artists. There are many different types of kits including charcoal, figure drawing (shown above), blending stick sets, drawing pencil sets, and more. A drawing kit can be paired with a nice sketchbook, accessories (sharpeners, erasers, etc.), or a book on drawing.

3. Art Sets for Kids


There are many art sets available designed specifically for the young artist. These sets usually come with a variety of art supplies like colored pencils, pastels, watercolors, and more (See the Deluxe Art Set above). These allow young artists to discover new techniques and learn how the different supplies work together.

4. Watercolor Kits


You can often find watercolor sets (as opposed to individual tubes) in a variety of brands and sizes for the watercolor artist on your list. The one shown above is a Mission watercolor set of 12 but there are both larger and smaller sets available as well. Watercolor books (like the one above) are great to add along with the watercolor paints.

5. Easel


Easels are a great way to get the artist on your list motivated, whether it’s for a child, amateur, or experienced artist. There are many different types of easels available from the very basic to one pictured above (right) which is a French Box Easel.

6. Storage


Every artist needs a place to store supplies whether it’s large Art Bin storage containers, brush holders, or pencil cases. We love these colorful bags, available in several sizes. They can even be used as gift bags!

7. Pallets


A great palette is an artist’s best friend, and also a great gift! There’s a palette for every type of painter which would be perfect to give with other supplies like paint brushes or tubes of paint. The palette shown above is a Mijello 33 well palette, popular among watercolor artists.

8. Zentangle Supplies


If you have someone on your list that would love to get into something creative but feels like they aren’t artistic enough, Zentangle supplies are the perfect gift. Zentangle are organized doodles that anyone can do! Learn more: What is Zentangle?

Supplies to get:
• Zentangle pens (micron pens work well): These are sold in sets, individually, and in colors.
• Books: Zentangle books provide a great starting point and inspiration.
• Tiles: Most Zentangle is done on square pieces of paper.

9. Art Books


Art books are great for not only learning new techniques but also inspiration (which every artist needs from time to time). You can find books on drawing, watercolor painting, acrylics, mixed media and much more!

10. Gift card


If you haven’t got a clue what the artist in your life needs, there’s always a Keeton’s gift card!

As you can see, Keeton’s offers many gifts perfect for the holidays with something for every artist. You can find kits and easels for children, books and sets for beginners and quality supplies for the professional artist. And of course, you can never go wrong with a gift card! Don’t forget to check out our holiday cards which are 60% off!


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