Why You Will Want a Zenergy Ball Chair

By Nicole Tinkham


The Zenergy Ball Chair by Safco may look like office furniture of the future but there are many benefits to this modern style. After testing it out (see video below), Keeton’s employees recommend these fun office chairs for these reasons!

  1. Energy

With fun colors and modern design, these chairs add an uplifting energy to the office, putting everyone in a better mood.

  1. Movement

It’s nearly impossible to sit still on these chairs. The second you sit down, we guarantee you’ll want to bounce. This movement isn’t all about the fun though. The Zenergy Ball Chair allows you to sit comfortably, concentrate, promote proper posture, and help with balance.

Don’t worry, these chairs are made for movement with an anti-burst exercise ball.

  1. Exercise

Believe it or not, you CAN burn calories at work! The active engagement this chair provides can help strengthen core muscles and is shown to help burn calories. Have you ever used an exercise ball in your workout? The Zenergy Ball Chair is essentially the same thing, only you can’t roll away on it.

  1. Concentration

Worried that the Zenergy chair will be a distraction and nothing will get done in the office? Think again! Movement can actually help with concentration.

  1. FUN! See the video below for a demonstration from Keeton’s employees on how fun this chair can be. Try it out for yourself by visiting our furniture showroom!

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Where to use the Zenergy Ball Chair

  • As an additional chair to your everyday task chair
  • Common areas (these make great first impressions)
  • Waiting areas
  • Meeting spaces

We bet you’re intrigued by the Zenergy Ball Chair by Safco. For pricing and other info, please give us a call at 941-747-2995 and talk to Carole in the furniture department. Remember, the office doesn’t have to be a boring environment. Add some color and some fun!

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