Go Green with 100% Tree-Free Paper

By Nicole Tinkham

Many offices are striving to go green with recycled paper and other green office supplies, and now it can be taken a step further with TreeFrog 100% tree-free paper. You may be thinking “how can paper be made with absolutely no trees”? Well, we’re about to tell you all about TreeFrog paper and why you should consider it for the office.

Tree-free is exactly how it sounds- containing no wood or wood-based fibers. In fact, there isn’t any post-consumer waste that originated in wood. Instead, it’s made from sugar cane which is a renewable resource. While trees take many years to mature, sugar cane can be harvested twice a year. TreeFrog only uses the by-product which means the crop is never harvested for paper production. This reduces landfill and air pollution impact.

• Positive impact on forest preservation: Absolutely no trees are used in the production of TreeFrog paper.
• Uses 10%-15% less bleach than that of wood fiber paper: This is also good for the environment.
• The production facility is located close to the sugar can supply: This reduces pollutants coming from the trucks.
• Helps your office be environmentally friendly while providing a high quality paper.

We bet you’re ready to try out this tree-free paper! TreeFrog paper can be purchased through Keeton’s in either a case of 5 or a case of 10 reams. Both options are 8.5” x 11” 20 lb paper that’s suitable for everyday use. Just give us a call (941-747-2995) or visit our website to place your tree-free paper order.

We will continue to do our best on informing you about green products available for the office. Don’t forget to check out our 10 Easy Ways to Go Green in the Office for more ideas! How are you going green? Post your green efforts on Twitter with #KeetonsGoGreen and don’t forget to follow us!

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