What You Need to Known about the New Shredder by Fellowes

By Nicole Tinkham

If you haven’t heard, Fellowes came out with a new shredder called the AutoMax – the first true walk away shredder using SureFeed Technology. That’s not the only neat feature this shredder comes with though. Watch the video below to see this shredder in action!

Why you want an AutoMax shredder:

• Automatic shredding – With SureFeed Technology, there’s no need to feed papers into the shredder. The shredder does the work for you, giving you more time to do your job. Simply load shredding material into the drawer, press a button and walk away.

• Jam prevention – As with other Fellowes shredders, the AutoMax features the JamGuard System which prevents frustrating jams.

• Protect personal information – While shredding in-house provides immediate security, the AutoMax shredder takes it to the next level with the SmartLock feature. The SmartLock feature keeps the drawer locked until shredding is complete.

• Quiet – SilentShred performance eliminates loud shredding noises for fewer interruptions.

• Save energy – Sleep Mode kicks in after 2 minutes of not using the shredder which saves energy.

• Performance – The AutoMax is a shredder that will last with solid steel cutters and a powerful motor. It can cut through tough materials such as credit cards, paper clips, staples, and CD/DVDs.

• Touch screen technology – This innovative technology makes selecting options quick and easy.

• Delay options – These options allow you to start shredding jobs at any time even after the work day.

Your options:

The AutoMax line comes with two options: The 500C which shreds up to 500 sheets at a time and the 300C which is able to shred 300 sheets at a time. Both of these AutoMax shredders are available through Keeton’s so look for them in our catalog, on our website, or give us a call (941-747-2995) for further information!

Which new product (either office or art supply) do you want to learn about next? Leave your comment in the box below and your suggestion could be our next blog post!

2 thoughts on “What You Need to Known about the New Shredder by Fellowes

  1. Love your blog, Nicole! I have this Fellowes shredder featured on my login page of KOL 2 online ordering site!

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