The Importance of Coffee in the Office

By Nicole Tinkham

Most offices provide coffee to workers and clients and many are now switching over to single-serve brewers like the Keurig machine. These are ideal for office use (especially smaller offices) because they provide a wide range of options (coffee, tea, hot cocoa, etc.) without having to brew a whole pot. These types of brewers take single-serve cups which you can now purchase with your other office supplies through Keeton’s. In this post we’ll talk about PapaNicholas coffee and why you’ll love it plus why every office should offer coffee (you’ll be surprised at how important coffee really is in the office)!

PapaNicholas History

PapaNicholas provides high quality coffee with over 100 years of experience and four generations working in the coffee industry. It all started when Nicholas A. Papanicholas helped his father with the family business, Aroma Coffee (a wholesale coffee distributorship). In 1982 Nick left the family business to launch Nicholas A. Papanicholas Coffee Company with a vision to supply grocery stores with specialty gourmet coffees.

PapaNicholas Today

The PapaNicholas factory is located in Batavia, IL where fresh crop coffee beans are slowly roasted in small batches. Over the years, they added more and more flavors and varieties including single-serve cups, which we mention below. PapaNicholas is also recognized as the #1 retail premium packaged coffee company in the Chicago area for over 20 years!

Get it at Keeton’s!

Keeton’s offers PapaNicholas single-serve coffee cups in six different flavors as well as a 32oz house blend, ground portion packs (in 6 options) and the 32oz whole bean bag (in 2 options). See flyer below for details.


Light roast vs dark roast

When purchasing coffee for the office, you’ll notice different roast types. Most of the time lighter roast coffees will have a smoother and sweeter taste. With darker roasts you may pick up a “fruity” note with a smooth finish.

How important is coffee in the office?

Has your office ever gone a day without coffee? If so, you’ve probably seen a drastic change of mood in many people. That’s because coffee is a BIG deal and here are some stats to prove it!

• Coffee helps keep employees awake and alert.

• Coffee motivates workers (according to a recent national survey, three out of five employed Americans say they do their best work when provided with small perks in the office).

• About half said that these perks make them feel more valued.

• Surprisingly, 37 percent of employees surveyed prefer fresh ground coffee or tea over an annual holiday party.

Keeton’s does offer other types of coffee aside from the PapaNicholas coffee mentioned in this post as well as other break room supplies for the office. Please give us a call (941-747-2995) for more information on the coffee and supply options Keeton’s has to offer.

We want to know: Does your office have a single-serve brewer (like Keurig) and what’s your favorite type of coffee? Comment below!

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