Featured Organization of the Month: GAL (Guardian ad Litem) for Children

Do you remember when you were a child? I think back to my childhood at times and what comes to mind, more than any specific incident, is that I had a happy childhood. However, not all children are as fortunate as I was. Many have experienced, or are experiencing abuse, neglect or abandonment.

We’ve heard about children being taken from abusive homes, or that are desolate, perhaps due to a tragic loss of a parent or parents. We presume that there is an organization where these children can go that will provide a safe, dignified place where they can recuperate from their adversity, and just be a child again. The truth is that many of these children are moved from one foster home or group home to another and from one school to another, changing guardians and friends much too often. It is difficult to find stability and love when being shuffled through the Foster Care and Child Welfare systems, and easy to loose hope.

The good news is that there is hope, and you can help provide some of that hope! Guardian Ad Litem is a group of trained volunteers, appointed by the judicial system, to advocate for these children. These are people who work for the betterment of neglected or abused children to assure that they don’t get ignored or lost in the system. These are people like you!

We at Keeton’s appreciate the value of community involvement, and while we understand that your time is important to you, we believe that this is a significant and rewarding program and we are happy to provide links that will direct you to the Guardian Ad Litem program. For more information you can click on the Featured Organization banner on our WEB site at www.keetonsonline.com, or select the link provided below.

Manatee County: 941-744-9473
Sarasota County: 941-861-4875

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