10 Ways to Store Art Supplies

By Nicole Tinkham


We at Keeton’s are all about organization whether it’s in the office or an art studio. You may remember our previous blog post 21 Tips to Organize Your Craft Room and we’re going to talk once again about organizing your supplies, this time exploring the possibilities of storage solutions from Art Bin. Trust us, there’s an Art Bin for everything (even cake decorating).


1. Media Specific

Media specific art bins make finding the perfect storage container easy. Just think about the type of supply you’ll be storing and choose an Art Bin accordingly.

• Pen and nib box
• Pencil box or pouch
• Marker Box
• Brush box
• Transport tube (used to store large drafting sheets)

2. Tray Boxes

These are large bins that come with trays that either lift out or extend out. You can find tray boxes in many different sizes with up to 6 interior trays. These are perfect for storing a variety of supplies in one place.

3. Totes

Totes, or Tote Folios (as Art Bin calls them), are used to store and transport large supplies such as drawing pads and boards. The main compartment is 24” x 36” (in the XL size) with smaller front pockets used to store smaller supplies.

4. Satchels

The satchel series are often one-compartment storage boxes (but also come with multiple compartments and dividers) that can be found in all sizes, perfect for any type of supply. There are marker storage satchels, deluxe satchels with various dividers, and double deep satchels for extra storage space.

5. Other Bins

Other various bins are available with lift-out trays, storage cabinet drawers, double sided bins and more.


Craft storage is a bit different than storing art supplies. You will often have smaller odds and ends (think ribbon, glitter, stamps, scrap paper, beads, buttons, etc.) that are more difficult to keep organized.

6. Needle Arts

When storing supplies for needle arts, it’s important to look for boxes with several compartments since you’ll most likely be storing many different colored threads. A small drawer cabinet may be just the thing you need but a compartment box allows for easy transportation. There are also slim boxes perfect for hooks and needles (or you could go with the hook and needle folio) and scissors. Yarn will tend to get frustrating every time but there are yarn drums and totes for this type of bulky storage.

7. Beading and Jewelry

As with thread, boxes with many compartments will come in handy when organizing various color beads. You may also find the new Twisterz helpful as well. These small storage cups can be twisted and locked together (pretty cool!).

8. Sewing and Quilting

Many of the storage solutions mentioned under needle arts above can also be used for your sewing and quilting supplies. However, you will also want to check out some of the specialty sewing storage options available as these can be very helpful. The Cone Thread Tray is perfect for storing your thread spools and don’t leave out the Bobbin Box (in many different sizes). The Sew-lutions box includes a lift out thread tray that holds smaller spools with additional storage underneath.

9. Stamping and Scapbooking

If you’re a stamper and you’ve ever walked through Keeton’s art department, we’re sure you have more stamps than you can use stashed away in your craft room somewhere. Storage cabinets are perfect for storing these stamps. You’ll probably find glitter glue trays and the magnetic die cases to be a lifesaver as well!

10. Cake Decorating

Believe it or not, there’s even cake decorating boxes. Just goes to show that there really is an Art Bin for everything!

We love the use of creative organizing solutions in the craft room such as jars, Tic-Tac boxes, muffin tins, and more (see our blog post). However, sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect storage container for your needs. With Art Bin, their multi-function units can help anyone stay organized. We wrote this blog to help you find the perfect container for your art storage needs so you can finally get that craft room/art studio organized! If you have any questions or suggestions concerning organization, please comment below!

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