Introducing: Montana Paint Markers

Nicole Tinkham

With our existing supply of Montana Gold and Black cans, the introduction of Montana paint markers, and an exciting event (CAN JAM: Graffiti Art Battle) featuring Montana products, I guess you could say we’re pretty crazy about Montana! In a previous blog we explained the difference between Montana Black and Gold cans, but we’re sure you’re curious about the new Montana paint markers we now stock. Here are some details about these popular paint markers.

Extra Fine Markers
Use these 0.7mm markers for your most detailed work. The flow control pump system and solid tip allows for accurate application, most important when working on those fine details. You can find the extra fine markers in 12 different matte colors as well as an empty refillable marker.

Fine Markers
The fine point (2mm) marker has a round fiber tip for a smooth application perfect for fill-ins. Other tips are available for this marker providing a wide range of options including a calligraphic style. You can find fine point markers in 34 colors and a varnish as well as an empty refillable marker.

Standard Markers
The 15mm Montana markers are considered the standard size marker with a flat fiber tip (providing a smooth and even application). You can use these for any size project including poster design and signage. They are ideal for calligraphy lettering as well as fill-ins. These standard size markers come in 24 colors, a varnish, and an empty refillable cartridge.

Wide Markers
Wide Montana markers come in 2 sizes (30mm and 50mm) and are available in black and silver as well as a refillable marker cartridge. Use these markers to create calligraphy effects on a large scale. They are also great for filling in large areas.

Paint Refills
There are 34 water-based acrylic colors (and varnish) available to refill Montana paint markers. They can also be used for airbrushing, brush application, and mixed media. Colors can be mixed as well as diluted with the addition of water. Montana acrylics can be used on a wide variety of surfaces including canvas, wood, glass, and metal. Empty bottles are also available for mixing.

Many of the markers listed above are available in a varnish which is used to seal and protect artwork as well as intensify the final piece. The Montana varnish gloss can be applied in a number of ways: paint markers, paintbrush, and airbrush. Make sure to only apply the varnish to dry surfaces (allow 1 hour drying time for the acrylic paint).

Replacement Tips
Each size Montana paint marker (extra fine, fine, standard, and wide) has a line of replacement tips.

• 0.5mm
• 0.7mm
• 1mm
• 2mm calligraphy

• 2mm round
• 5mm calligraphy
• 6mm chisel

• 15mm

• 30mm broad
• 50mm broad

The standard and wide size markers also have multi line tips available in 15mm, 30mm, and 50mm.

We are happy to now stock even more Montana products with the addition of the paint markers. If you have any questions or tips you would like to share, please leave a comment below or give us a call at 941-747-2995. We hope you’ve learned a little more about Montana paint markers in this blog! To see Montana products in action, we’d encourage you to come to our CAN JAM Graffiti Art Battle event on Saturday, April 12th from 4-8pm. There will be several local artists, a live DJ, food from Tijuana Flats, hourly giveaways and more! See flyer below and be sure to check out the event page on Facebook. Mark your calendars for April 12th because you will NOT want to miss this event! As you’re getting pumped up about CAN JAM, Tweet about it using #CANJAM!


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