How to Remove Spray Paint from Hands

By Nicole Tinkham

With our CAN JAM Graffiti Art Battle coming up on April 12th from 4-8pm (that’s only 19 days away!), we bet you’ve been so anxious that you went ahead and tried out your spray painting skills. Since that is the case, you may not have given gloves much thought and you probably ended up with colorful hands. Now your big dilemma is how to remove the paint before going out in public. A little soap and water may not do the trick but these ideas will.

Nail Polish Remover
Soak a cotton ball in nail polish remover and rub over hands to remove paint.

Mineral Spirits
Mineral spirits are often used as a solvent and paint thinner but can also be used to remove paint from hands. Put some of the turpentine substitute on a towel and scrape the paint away.

Hand Lotion/Cream
Using a heavy hand lotion may take more time but it won’t strip the moisture from hands like nail polish remover or mineral spirits will. Simply cover hands with a layer of lotion, leave on for a few minutes, and then wipe off. You will probably have to repeat a few times to get all the paint off.

Oil will soften spray paint stuck on hands, making it easier to remove. There are a few different types of oil that can be used to do this.

• Baby oil – Apply oil with cotton ball. Leave on for a minute or two and wipe away with cloth.

• Essential oil – Dilute oil in water and apply to painted areas. Leave on for a minute or two and wipe away with cloth.

• Olive oil – Apply olive oil to hands and let stand a few minutes. Add a course-grain salt and rub between hands.

Baking Soda
Make a baking soda paste by combining equal parts of both baking soda and water. Work this paste into painted areas of hands for a minute or two. This should allow paint to come off easily but if not, you can always add course-grain salt to the mixture to help remove paint.

Pumice Stone
Apply a small amount of soap to the area and spray with water. You can then rub the area with a pumice stone, being careful not to be too rough. Rinse with water and air dry.

And the #1 tip is…

You’ll notice by the spray paint supplies at Keeton’s a box of black Montana gloves… and they’re there for a reason! Before you get creative with a can of spray paint, put on a pair of gloves to prevent the problem altogether.

Please note that we have not tried these methods so we can’t say for sure which is most effective. If you have sensitive skin, we do not recommend the first two harsher methods. If you have any feedback or ideas related to removing paint from hands, we’d love to hear from you. Just leave a comment in the box below or connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.

You may be curious about the CAN JAM Graffiti Art Battle mentioned in the beginning of this post. For more information about this exciting event, view the flyer below and make sure to join the Facebook event page!


2 thoughts on “How to Remove Spray Paint from Hands

  1. Befor you start put Vaseline or a heavy cream on your hands then go paint, then after the jobs done, your hands clean up very easy.

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