8 Apps to Have for the Office

By Nicole Tinkham
Image used under Creative Commons from Sean MacEntee

More and more offices are using iPads and other tablets to stay organized with meetings, client info, and easy access to files when away from the office. It should be no surprise then that staying productive and organized on a tablet lies in quality apps. We’ve compiled a list of 8 iPad apps for the office we thought were worth trying out. With these, you can do everything from brainstorming to host meetings and most are FREE to download and use. Please note that some of these apps can also be used with Android but not all of them.

1. Brainstorm with iThoughts

We are all for brainstorming and collaboration, but it’s important to keep these great ideas organized and easy to access for later reference. iThoughts allows you to create custom brainstorming maps, keeping ideas well organized at your fingertips. ($9.99)
For Apple

2. Host meetings with GoToMeeting

This virtual meeting app allows you to host meetings right on your tablet with the ability to view presentations and anything else displayed on the screen. (FREE)
For Apple and Android

3. Create documents with Quickoffice

Quickoffice is a great alternative for Microsoft Office programs. With this app, you can create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations compliant with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Most of us can’t live without these programs in the office so it definitely comes in handy having them on the go! (FREE)
For Apple and Android

4. View presentations with StoryDesk

This app is made for presenting to clients with its professional templates, formatting, and design. There are also collaboration features to stay connected, just another plus for the app. (FREE)
For Apple

5. Transcribe with Dragon Dictation

There’s no need for dictation recorders when you have this handy app! Dragon Dictation transcribes and allows you to easily share through email and social media. (FREE)
For Apple

6. Sync with Dropbox

Dropbox is a popular app that allows you to sync files between your tablet, desktop, and phone so you can access important documents wherever you are. (FREE)
For Apple and Android

7. Edit with GoodReader

There’s nothing like a good editing app to make changes on the go. GoodReader allows you to review, edit, archive, and share documents. ($4.99)
For Apple

8. Take notes with Evernote
You can save and organize just about any type of note (including photos, to-do lists, and voice recordings) with the Evernote app. With everything in one place finding notes is easy. (FREE)
For Apple and Android

There are an endless number of apps for just about anything you can imagine. Listed above are the 8 apps we thought were perfect for office use and cover a wide range of functionality. With the apps above, you can create presentations, host virtual meetings, edit on the go, brainstorm, and more all on your iPad. We want to know what your favorite app is (whether something listed in this blog or something that you think should be added). Leave a comment in the box below to share an app you love.

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