4 Easy Steps to Choosing the Right Cartridge for your Machine

By Nicole Tinkham
Image used under Creative Commons by Innovate360.

With so many different types of machines, various model numbers, and two types of cartridges (ink and toner) it’s no wonder cartridge purchases are so problematic . This blog will explain how to find the machine’s model number (and the importance of knowing this number) and how to use the resources we have available to help you find the correct ink or toner for your machine.

Step 1: Determine the model

The number one and most important step in the process of purchasing a cartridge is determining the model of the machine. We can always track down the correct cartridge if we have the model number. The model number can usually be found on the front of the machine but can also be on the back or the bottom. If you’ve searched the machine up and down and still cannot find the model, check the user manual (if you still have it).

Step 2: Use the catalog

The Keeton’s catalog is a great resource to find the cartridge you need. Here’s how it works.

1. Is it for an inkjet or a laser printer? There are two main groups when it comes to cartridges: ink and toner. Click here to learn about the differences.

2. Once you’re in the correct category (either ink or toner) you’ll want to look for the brand, for example HP or Lexmark. Brands will be in alphabetical order excluding HP which is first.

3. Next you will have to find the machine series or model number which will be located in the left column under “model”. Don’t try to guess, you MUST have the correct model number or you may end up with the wrong cartridge.

4. Take a look at the description as you’ll have a few options including color, combo packs, and high yield.

5. You will find the item number in the second column, between the model number and description. You will use this number to place your order either online, fax, or over the phone.

6. There will often times (but not always) be a remanufactured version of the cartridge for your machine. These will be listed after the original cartridges and you can follow the same steps to find the correct one.

Tip: If you’re purchasing a new machine and want to stock up on cartridges, you can find the cartridge numbers right under the printer in the catalog.

Step 3: Go online

If you’re having trouble finding the model of your machine in the catalog or if opening a catalog just isn’t your thing, you can always use the ink and toner search function on our website. Here’s how it works.

1. On our online ordering site, look at the very top of the page. Click the “Ink and Toner” button and select the “Find Ink and Toner” option.

2. From here, you have many different ways to search. You can start entering the brand of the machine, what type of machine it is, or the model number. The quickest way to locate your machine is by typing in the model number. Just start typing in any of the search bars and you’ll begin seeing your options pop up. Once you find the correct machine, click on the link.

3. When you click on your machine, it will pull up all cartridges compatible with that machine including originals as well as remanufactured (if available).

Step 4: Call us

Sometimes no matter how hard you look online or in the catalog, you just can’t find your machine model number. You’re not going crazy, sometimes your machine really won’t be listed but that doesn’t mean we won’t be able to get it for you. Simply give us a call (941-747-2995) and we can do our best to get you the cartridge you need.

Final Tip

It’s a GREAT idea to stock up on cartridges so you’re not running around trying to get one last minute. However, they do expire so you don’t want too many lying around the office. If something were to happen to your machine and you have to replace it with another, you may not be able to get credit for your old cartridges. You should be fine with keeping just one cartridge on hand for back up.

Cartridge shopping may be a difficult part of ordering office supplies but knowing how to use the resources we have available makes the process much easier. One thing to take away from this post is the importance of knowing the model number. With the correct model number, you are sure to receive the correct cartridge.

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