5 Things You Should Know About Legal Indexes

By Nicole Tinkham

Legal index dividers are often used by law professionals to organize legal exhibits, index briefs, and mortgage files. You will notice that unlike other indexes, these are unpunched so they are able to fit a variety of binding systems. When it comes to legal indexes there are 5 main things to consider: tab titles, tab position, size, type style, and blank indexes for customization. In this post we’ll go over these 5 options, making your purchase decision just a little easier.

1. Tab Titles

Lettered and numbered are the two main types of tab titles. When it comes to lettered tabs, you can get a set of A-Z or purchase a pack of individual letters (for example, a 25 pack of letter “A” indexes). Numbered tabs come in the same fashion with sets of 25 going up to 300 or individual numbers going as high as 50. You also have a Roman numeral option in a set from I-X.

You also have the choice of lettered or numbered exhibit tabs which simply have the word “Exhibit” before the letter or number.

Table of contents tabs are available in either a pack of 25 or included in your numbered or lettered set. Not all sets contain a table of contents divider so make sure to verify what’s in the set before making your purchase.

2. Tab Position

The majority of your legal indexes will have a side tab but you do have options that come in a bottom tab.

3. Size

The most common size legal index is letter size (8.5”x11”) but indexes in 8.5”x14” are also available.

4. Type Style

This is where you may come into some confusion. You will notice that for most indexes you’ll have to choose between Avery Style and Allstate Style. This is simply the type style. Avery Style is a Helvetica bold type in all caps. Allstate style is a Helvetica regular type style.

5. Customizable

Aside from the standard tab options mentioned above, you have the option to customize your tabs with blank index dividers.

As you’re probably aware, many offices (especially law offices) use a huge amount of paper. If you’re trying to go green in the office, that’s just one more benefit of the Avery legal indexes featured in this post. These indexes are all greener choices with at least 10% of recycled content. Learn more about how you can go green in the office here. If you have any questions about legal indexes, other indexes, green products available or anything else please leave a comment below, stop in, or give us a call (941-747-2995).

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