How to Rework a Painting That’s Going Nowhere

By Joanna Coke

Here is a series of images of reworking a painting that was originally going nowhere.
With today’s more contemporary approach in creating artworks with various media, I decided
to use brown AND white gelly roll pens along with white and cobalt blue acrylic paints to make
the necessary changes.

1. The 1st image is a painting done with watercolors only. There is no depth of space
and the values and contrasts are in the mid-range so the painting reads flat.

Passage of time1



2. The 2nd step was to draw OVER the image with a related object, 1 tree overlaying
onto the other tree using the brown gelly roll pen. Both trees were different in
shape but related in subject matter which unifies the imagery.

Passage of time3



3. The 3rd step was to use white and cobalt blue acrylics to cover up some shapes to either
bring them forward or push them back.

Passage of time4



4. The final steps were to refine with both pen and paint in the area of focus and add
more contrast and details to that area of the painting.

Passage of timeFinal300dpi 6 2011

The end results are shapes in space being manipulated in a more intriguing manner.

To see more of my portfolio, please view my website at:



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