The Difference between Gallery and Studio Wrapped Canvas

By Nicole Tinkham



Selecting art supplies has never been easy (as you can tell with our various blog posts on everything from which glue to use for which project to selecting an eraser). No matter the project, you’re always going to have options and the same goes for stretched canvas. You’ll notice canvas marked as either “studio” or “gallery” and for the most part, these two styles look nearly the same. That being said, how are you supposed to know which one to choose? Let’s take a look at the difference between the two that as an artist, you must know about.


There are many types of canvases available but many artists choose to use a stretched canvas. This is a canvas that’s wrapped around a wooden frame, or stretcher bar. You can make stretched canvas yourself but they are also available pre-made in many different sizes. “Gallery” and “studio” are terms referring to the way in which the stretched canvas is wrapped.

Gallery Wrapped

In this wrapping method, the canvas is stretched around the wooden frame and secured in the back where the hardware (staples, tacks, etc.) is hidden. The sides of the canvas are primed the same as the front, allowing the canvas to be presentable without a frame. The image is often extended from the front to the sides but a solid color can also be used. Basically, a gallery wrapped canvas is ready to hang as is (after you add your touch to it, of course).

Studio Wrapped

Studio wrapped canvas on the other hand does not have a finished look and would need to be framed once the painting is complete. These canvases also have a different look to them with the stretcher bars being thinner and the fasteners visible on the sides.

The difference may be simple but you’re still going to be faced with a decision to make. Before you begin a painting, you must consider how you picture it to be hung. Would a frame suit the subject matter or would the painting make a statement being unframed? As the artist, the decision is up to you. The way in which the canvas is wrapped isn’t your only option, of course. There are other canvases to consider such as panels, rolls, and pads as well as color: white, black, and linen. If you have any further questions about your options please stop by or give us a call at 941-747-2995.

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