15 Instagram Pages Every Artist Should Follow

By Nicole Tinkham

Instagram is all about interesting and inspiring images, the perfect motivation for any artist. The trick to finding quality content is to follow the right accounts which can be difficult especially if you’re new to the world of Instagram. We’ve taken most of the work out for you by creating this list of accounts worth following divided into three main categories: artists, museums, and art supplies.

What is Instagram?

We understand that some of our readers may not be familiar with Instagram so before going into who to follow, let’s take a crash course in understanding this type of social media. Basically, Instagram is used for photo sharing on smartphones. While you can access Instagram on your computer, you won’t be able to post anything without a smartphone. To start using Instagram, simply download the app and create an account or sign in using either Facebook or Twitter. You are now ready to start following accounts, explore content, and share your own photos if you choose to do so.

Hint: You may notice hash tags (#) in many Instagram posts. This is a way to search a topic you’re interested in. To tag a user, you’ll want to use the “@” symbol. For example, you can tag Keeton’s by using @keetonsonline in your post.


1. Olek @oleknyc

Follow for: Everything yarn!

2. Os Gemeos @osgemeos

Follow for: Fun characters and bright colors.

3. Daniel Arsham @daniel_arsham

Follow for: Sculptures!

4. Dennis McNett: @wolfbat

Follow for: Dennis McNett is known for his skateboard designs but has much more to offer (installations, wood carving, prints, etc.).

5. Nosego: @nosego

Follow for: Unique illustrations.


6. MoMA @themuseumofmodernart

Follow for: Bright & bold photos of shows and new pieces.

7. Gagosian @gagosiangallery

Follow for: A collection of modern design.

8. Philadelphia Museum of Art @philamuseum

Follow for: Continuously updated creative photos.

9. Los Angeles County Museum of Art @lacma

Follow for: A mix of brilliant artwork and fan photos.

10. Met Museum: @metmuseum

Follow for: Featured art at the museum.


11. Liquitex @liquitex_usa

Follow for: Inspiring art photos and Liquitex products.

12. Montana Cans @montanacans

Follow for: Graffiti art and product photos.

13. Sharpie @sharpie

Follow for: Colorful Sharpie inspiration.

14. Tim Holtz: @tim_holtz

Follow for: Product photos, inspiration, and behind-the-scenes company photos.

15. Keeton’s: @keetonsonline

Follow for: Product pictures, the community wall, great resources, inspiration, and behind-the-scenes photos (the Keeton’s team).

Focused on visually appealing images, Instagram is a great tool for artists. Following the art pages above (and many others on Instagram), is just another way to stay motivated as an artist and obtain fresh, new ideas. Don’t forget to follow us (@keetonsonline) as we have a lot to offer on Instagram. Professor PRINTston shares his wisdom, we constantly feature new and exciting products, you can see who the Keeton’s team really is with behind-the-scene photos, and more. We look forward to connecting with you soon!

2 thoughts on “15 Instagram Pages Every Artist Should Follow

  1. Thanks for the mini crash course on Instagram. I could use the same for Twitter. Generally, I have no problem understanding your explanations. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Janet, we’re glad you learned a little about Instagram today and don’t forget to follow our Instagram page for inspiration! Also, thanks for mentioning Twitter. We will be sure to blog about it in the future!

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