10 Tips for Staying Cool in the Office This Summer

By Nicole Tinkham

10 Tips for Staying Cool in the Office This Summer

We’ve reached the dreaded summer months and one thing that’s sure to put you in a grumpy mood is sitting in a hot office all day. Don’t worry, there are many ways you can beat the heat even in a crowded office. Here are 10 ways to keep cool (and keep your cool) in the office this summer.

1. Water

In this sweltering summer weather, it’s important to keep hydrated and the best way to do that is with plenty of water. If your office doesn’t have a handy water-cooler, stock up on bottled water and always have one at your desk.

2. Iced Coffee

If you really want to stay cool, skip the morning hot coffee and go with an iced coffee instead. You don’t have to stop at a Starbucks though. Simply pour coffee over a full cup of ice. (Make sure to stock up on cold cups!)
3. Fans

Pictured: Honeywell Super Turbo Three- Speed High- Performance Fan and Holmes Oscillating Tower Fan, Three- Speed

The temperature battle in the office can get serious and we’re sure you know what we’re talking about. There’s always at least one person that’s freezing while others are practically melting. We don’t know why it happens but it tends to be a problem in most offices. Luckily there are handy personal fans (or heaters if you’re one to be frequently cold) to help adjust the temperature to your liking.

4. Cool clothing

Short sleeve shirts don’t have to be casual, especially with these polo shirts. Not only do they look stylish but you can also have the company logo embroidered on them for a professional look.
5. Close blinds

If your desk is situated by a window, you’ll notice it can get extremely hot especially during the summer months. Closing the blinds works surprisingly well when it comes to cooling your office.
6. Reduce lighting

If there are excessive lights on in the office, try eliminating the ones that aren’t needed. This will make the office much cooler for everyone and reduce energy costs. You may not be able to control the main light source but if you have additional lamps in your personal area, it doesn’t hurt to turn them off.
7. Turn off equipment when not in use

Most of us have the habit of leaving everything on. Think about all the electronics you have at your desk or in the office (computer, printer, fax, scanner, speakers, etc.). You probably can’t shut everything down while trying to get work done but we’re sure there are a few items that you don’t use all of the time.
8. Refrigerator/freezer

Pictured: Avanti Counter- Height 3.1 Cu. Ft Two- Door Refrigerator/ Freezer

It may be impractical to keep a fridge in your cubicle but there are other areas of the office (other than the kitchen) where a mini fridge is appropriate. Having one in a conference room or lobby area fully stocked with bottled water is a great idea.
9. Laptop cooling stand

Laptop stand
Pictured: Kensington Liftoff Portable Notebook Cooling Stand

If you tend to work on the go, you may be glued to a laptop 24/7. When used for an extended period of time, they can heat up which isn’t great for the computer or for you. Consider a laptop cooling stand to keep you both cool and healthy!
10. Work from home

Here’s the solution to all of your hot office dilemmas: just work from home! This will cut back on the time spent traveling in hot cars, buses, and trains plus you can adjust your home office temperature to however you feel most comfortable. Unfortunately, most don’t have the luxury of working from home in which case, follow the tips above and hope for a quick and cool summer!

Your comfort at work is more important than you may think. When you’re overly hot or cold, it can reduce your productivity and make you more irritable. The tips above are simple and don’t take much time or effort so do them! You’ll be amazed at how much better you feel when you close the blinds or drink ice water throughout the day.

How are you beating the heat? Comment in the box below or connect with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to tell us what you’re doing!

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