We can’t believe we have this product.

By Nicole Tinkham

We’ve just set up a display in our art department featuring a new product that not many suppliers have. In fact, we’re one of the first ones to have this product in the country.

That’s right, Keeton’s is one of the ONLY places you can find this product right now in the entire United States.

And it’s something totally new and unique.

Trust us, you’ll want to at least try it.

We’ll give you a hint… it’s made by Weber, the same manufacturer of the vibrant Mission watercolor paints.

If you guessed this product is paint, you’d be correct.

Okay okay we’ll you give you another hint: it’s an acrylic paint.

But not like your ordinary acrylic paint. There’s something very different about them.

They have the ability to TRANSFORM your art.

Using this product can give your projects a totally new look.

You’ll have fun EXPERIMENTING with an acrylic paint so DIFFERENT.

You’ve probably never seen a consistency in acrylic paint like this one.

You may even forget you’re working with acrylics.

That’s because of the paint’s fluidity.

You can shake the tube and HEAR the fluid paint sloshing around.

Bet you’ve never experienced that with an acrylic paint before, have you?

This paint may be fluid but you won’t miss out on the INTENSE colors they produce.

Use them right out of the tube or mix them with a medium to create glazes and stains.

Don’t worry about losing that brilliant color either, even when mixing with a medium.

One more thing about this paint that will CHANGE your artwork:

This paint produces a smooth, matte finish that you don’t see too often in acrylic paint.

This could be just the thing to make your work STAND OUT!

Plus your creative options are endless.

Go ahead and try it out on wood, pottery, metal, fabric, and paper.

Because of its consistency, it can be used on these surfaces without drag.

Ok, it’s time….

So, what is this mysterious paint?


Do things you’ve NEVER done before with acrylic paint.

Transform your artwork.

Heck, you might be surprised with how great it turns out.

Stand out from the crowd.

And do it all with Prima-Flow Acrylic paint.

But don’t take our word for it. Come in and try it yourself.

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