6 MORE Things You Never Knew about Can Liners

By Nicole Tinkham


So we’re guessing you’re feeling pretty confident in purchasing can liners for the office after reading our post last week: 3 Things You MUST Know About Can Liners. However, if you’re looking to become an EXPERT in this area, there are a few more things you need to know. Impress your friends with liner facts, know the benefits of a star seal, learn the correct way liners fit into a can, and much more. Read on to become the liner expert you’ve always wanted to be.

1. Selecting the correct size can liner

We’ve talked about choosing can liner sizes in the previous post but what you really need to know is how they’re going to fit in your waste can. You want them to fit snuggly. Too small, and they’ll tear. Too big, and they can fall into the waste can. The ideal size liner should hang 5-6” from the top of the waste can. Check out the chart below to see the correct fittings.


2. The seal type

The part of the bag you probably never notice (the bottom seal) actually determines whether or not you’ll experience leaks. Do you want leaks? We didn’t think so! Here’s what you need to know about star seals, flat seals, and gusseted seals.

STAR SEAL (or X-Seal)

star seal

This is the most common type of liner seal and the most effective in eliminating leaks. It will conform to your can’s shape and evenly distribute the weight of the trash.


flat seal

This type of seal resembles a pillow case with it’s pointed ends. This liner is strong but can leak from the corners. It’s also awkward to handle and doesn’t conform well to all waste cans.



As you can see, a gusseted seal is similar to a flat seal but the ends are tucked in. These tend to be lower quality with a weak bottom seal.

3. Packaging

Packaging may not seem important but there are many options that you need to be aware of. Each manufacturer will offer different quantities per carton and different pack styles. The pack style refers to whether or not they’re packaged in rolls and the style of the rolls. Here are 3 choices you have when it comes to packaging style:




4. Color

The color of a liner isn’t a huge deal but there are a few options to discuss. Low-density liners offer a wide range of colors (black, white, brown, green, gray, etc.) while high-density liners are limited to opaque or natural colors.

5. Recycled

If your office is working on going green, there are several environmentally friendly choices. Take a look at liners by EarthSense, many of which are SCS Certified.

6. And some fun facts you probably never knew..

• The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that Americans generate about 4.6 pounds of trash per person every single day. (WOW!)

• Harry Wasylyk invented the trash bags we use today, selling them in 1950 to a community hospital.

• In 1984, the drawstring was introduced by Glad and Hefty.

Taking your supply knowledge to the next level ensures the ideal products for your office every single time. Of course we’re always here to assistance with you purchases but having these helpful guides will save you loads of TIME! How has our buying guides helped you? Comment in the box below.

2 thoughts on “6 MORE Things You Never Knew about Can Liners

  1. Nicole, you are an awesome, endless supply of great info and ideas! Thanks for all your research and sharing! – Joey

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