4 Unique ways to clean a keyboard

By Nicole Tinkham


Have you ever looked down at your keyboard and really examined it? Do it right now. Look between the keys down in the unreachable areas. We bet you’re a little grossed out (sorry!). You can flip your keyboard over and try to shake the dirt out but we’re telling you right now, it won’t work. That stuff is stuck down in there. Luckily, we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeve. Read on and get rid of that grossness NOW!

1. Multi-Surface Wipes
Use these to clean the surface of the keyboard as well as other computer equipment. This may not give you the deep clean you were looking for but we do recommend wiping down your keyboard frequently as many wipes kill germs.

2. Cleaning Swabs
Swabs will give you a more advanced clean by getting between the keys rather than just the surface. We recommend these swabs as they are pre-moistened to remove dirt and dust.

3. Air Duster
Air dusters are your best bet for getting the really gross stuff under the keys plus they’re fun to use. They literally blast lint and dust from these areas that you just can’t reach with anything else. Use them on all hard to reach areas of your computer.

4. The Post-it Note Trick
Now here’s a trick you can use to impress your friends. You don’t necessarily need cleaning swabs to get between the keys. Simply run the sticky side of a Post-it Note (or tape) between keys. It will lift the dust you can’t wipe off with your finger.

Cleaning your keyboard and other computer equipment isn’t just about the gross factor. Taking care of electronics can ensure they work effectively and efficiently. With that, it’s also important to use the correct supplies. Not just any cleaning supplies can be used on these sensitive pieces of equipment. Head over to our Facebook page with any questions on keeping the workplace clean.

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