4 Ways to Organize Computer Cables

By Nicole Tinkham

Organizing important documents, files, the junk drawer, your planner, and your inbox may not be your favorite things to do but are simple enough that you can get them done without too much of a headache. Tangled computer cables on the other hand, make you want to rip your hair out! What wire goes to what? Do you even need that cable that’s not connected to anything? Will your computer blow up if you unplug that wire? If these crazy questions are running through your head, you need to find a solution and we can help. Here are 4 easy ways to manage those cables before you lose your mind!

1. Grommet

A grommet will HIDE cords, keeping your desk uncluttered and stress-free. This grommet adjusts to feed multiple wires. For help with installation please give us a call at 941-747-2995.

2. Cord Guides

Pictured: Dotz Cord Guides, Black, 4/ Pack

Cord guides keep two wires from getting tangled up. The adhesive on these guides allows you to run two cords side-by-side along walls or underneath your desk. You get the same type of deal with the Cord Catcher shown below which can hold up to four cords.

cord catcher
Pictured: Dotz Cord Catcher, Red

3. Cord ID

Cord ID
Pictured: Dotz Cord Identifier Kit, Clear, 12 Regular/ 12 Jumbo, With Inserts/ Stickers

This is by far our favorite way to organize cords. Cord identifiers allow you to determine what the cord is connected to so you no longer have to guess as you pull the plug on your computer possibly losing valuable work! There are many cord identifiers, the one pictured being the most advanced. This kit even includes colored stickers to label the outlet as well.

4. Cord Wraps

cord wrap
Pictured: Dotz WrapID Cord Wrap with Identifier, Blue

Cord wraps and cases are ideal for storing cords that aren’t used all the time or for cords that don’t need to be extended to their full length. Use these for USBs and phone chargers.

Got some more brilliant organization ideas? Comment below or contact us on Facebook. We can’t wait to hear your tips and ideas!

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