The 20 Day Winter Art Journal Challenge

By Nicole Tinkham

Are you up for a challenge? Although the first day of winter isn’t officially here for another few weeks, we consider the whole month of December to be the start of a new season. It’s getting colder and many things are changing around us. For instance, you’re probably staying inside a lot more these days, drinking hot beverages, and spending more time with friends and family as the holidays quickly approach. With the new season, we encourage you to explore new creative ideas which we know isn’t as easy as it sounds. If you have a blank journal page in front of you with no idea where to start, this blog is for you! Start now by taking the 20 day winter art journal challenge to spark some creativity this winter.

*** Print this challenge out so you can make sure you stay current***

Day #1: When you think of winter colors, do you think of cool colors like blues and greens? Today we want you to mix it up and use WARM colors. Portray a wintery feel using reds and yellows instead.

Day #2: Today draw one thing that changes in your lifestyle as soon as winter hits. Do you start reading more? Do you drink more hot coffee in the morning? Whatever it may be, get it in your art journal.

Day #3: Spring brings gorgeous blossoms, fall brings colorful leaves, and winter brings…dead trees! Winter trees need love too so find the beauty in them and bring them to life in your sketchbook today.

Day #4: We can’t do an art journal challenge without a little Zentangle! Grab your pen and go to town on a creative Zentangle snowflake design.

Day #5: Complete the sentence. When ___________ happens, I instantly get in the holiday spirit. Is it decorating the tree, holiday shopping, colorful lights, the shorter days, or waking up to colder mornings? Express that excitement in your art journal today.

Day #6: Get some fresh (and cold) air. You may want to stay inside where it’s warm but we challenge you to take your art out in the cold. Hint: It can be a quick (very quick) sketch.

Day #7: This time of year, we tend to be around other people whether it be family members, friends, fellow artists, or co-workers at an office party. Collaborate on today’s challenge by playing this simple game. Gather few people to participate. The first person chooses a theme for the sketch and begins a drawing. After a minute, the art journal gets passed onto the next person who adds on whatever they want. Continue until the journal has made its rounds.

Day #8: Now here’s a fun task. If you lived in a snow globe, what would surround you? Draw yourself in your DREAM snow globe environment.

Day #9: Tag day! Create holiday tags to use on the gifts you plan on giving. Here are some ideas to get you started: Scrapbook Ideas – Tags Christmas

Day #10: Choose a poem or make one up that makes you feel warm inside. Now practice your calligraphy skills in your art journal. Remember, this is just practice. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Hint: Here’s how to “fake” calligraphy: iMake

Day #11: Holiday ornaments and decorations often hold a special place in our hearts. Sketch one in particular that brings up the best memories and capture not only the ornament, but the memories themselves.

Day #12: Winter is all about hot food. Chili, soup, baked goods, hot coco, you name it! What’s your mouth watering over today? Draw that!

Day #13: When chilly, there’s nothing better than a hot cup of coffee. Head over to the coffee shop and have fun sketching people today.

Day #14: Sick of the cold weather by now? Draw where you WISH you were!

Day #15: Store bought cards are so overrated. Let’s make our own! It could be a holiday card, birthday card, or a just because card.

Day #16: Look out your window and see if there are any interesting animals out there. If nothing catches your eye, find pictures of animals that live in a cold environment. Think polar bears and penguins. Sketch away!

Day #17: Let’s play with fire. If you have the fireplace going, perfect! Get the flickering flames on your page (not literally). If you’re not looking at the real thing, use your imagination.

Day #18: Just for fun – Draw a self portrait of yourself as a snowman!

Day #19: You’re bound to have leftover wrapping paper lying around. Use it to create an interesting collage.

Day #20: Use this page to brainstorm and plan out your New Year’s resolutions. It takes more than just writing a list. What do you really want to accomplish in 2015?

You did it! You’ve completed the Winter Art Journal Challenge. Are you feeling a little more creative now? Spread the word and challenge your friends!

Do you want to see more challenges like this one? Let us know what you think on our Facebook page.

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