The HOT new tech product to get your hands on now

By Nicole Tinkham

There’s a new craze going around the Keeton’s office and we cannot wait to tell you about it.

We are seriously in love with these.

If you’re always up on the latest tech products, this is definitely a must have.

And since the holidays are right around the corner, you can even add it to your wish list.

Plan to start the New Year off right by having the hottest tech gadget.

PLUS you can show it off to all your friends/co-workers! 🙂

First of all, is this product right for you? Let’s find out:

1. Do you own a cell phone, iPod, tablet, or laptop?

2. Do you frequently use these devices?

3. Do they need to be charged from time to time?

4. Are you often on the go and away from an outlet?

If your answer is yes to question number one, you can use this product. If you answered yes to the other questions, you NEED this product in your life.

What if we told you that it’s possible to charge your devices ANYWHERE at any time without your device’s charger?

We’re talking about the devices you use the MOST. The devices you can’t function without.

There’s ONE product that’s able to charge your favorite gadgets. All of them.

Pretty cool, huh? Here’s the scoop:

Depending on the device, this product can fully charge it up to two times.

Note: You’ll have to consider the mAh. (Say what?)

That’s milliamp-hours, or how long the energy charge will hold before having to recharge your device.

The higher the mAh, the longer the device will stay charged.

Recharge typically takes one and a half hours.

Not a bad price to pay for total charge mobility.

By now you know we’re talking about a charger. So how does this magical charger work exactly?

First, you’ll have to power this product up with plenty of juice. Plug it into your computer or outlet BEFORE leaving the house.

Grab it on the go and when needed, plug it directly into your phone or other device. It comes with a double sided cord (one end is a USB, the other fits into the charging port of electronic devices).

Simple as that.

Sounds like a good idea but here’s where they REALLY come in hand.

• Long car rides

• At the beach

• On an airplane

• During a meeting

• When you lose your normal charger

• On your commute to work

So what is this new and mysterious gadget?

Get ready, this is BIG!

It’s a…



What we love about power banks:

• Customizable (put your logo right on it)

• Various mAh sizes available

• Fun color choices

• Special water resistant power banks now available (see below)


Ready, set, GO get your own!

Check out all available options here: Keeton’s Advertising Specialties

Hurry though because the stock is quickly running out and so is the special price we have them at!

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