6 Ways to Have a Happier Year

By Nicole Tinkham

As you open your new planner to the first page of a fresh year what runs through your mind? Maybe it’s a celebration. Or all the things you’d like to accomplish in the New Year. It could be a joyous feeling or you could feel overwhelmed and stressed. Maybe it makes no difference to you. It is just another day after all, right? You don’t have to make extravagant plans and goals to go into 2015. What you can do (and we recommend it) is strive to be a better person. In fact, you should be doing this throughout the year regardless. This is your chance to put the past behind you. You’re onto bigger and better things. You will go FAR in 2015. Use these tips as encouragement to move forward with a positive attitude.

1. Never underestimate the power of a SMILE

Smiling is so powerful! Have you ever burst out laughing simply because someone else laughed? Smiling is the same way. It’s contagious. Try it out for yourself. Next time you’re in a bitter mood, put a smile on your face. We’re not saying that you need to try and mask anything that you’re going through, but it’s amazing what can happen when you take a moment to just smile. If you choose to be happy and choose to smile regardless of what your struggles are, your mood and attitude will begin to change. Remember that you create the type of environment that you live in. If you enter a room with negativity, it will spread to everyone else. Strive to be uplifting!

2. Be kind to EVERYONE

Is there someone in your life you aren’t particularly fond of? You may not have anything necessarily against that person but for whatever reason you clash with them. That’s ok. You probably feel the need to ignore or completely avoid that person altogether. However, that would be the worst thing you could possibly do. Any negativity, including not speaking to a person, can lead to hurt feelings, unnecessary drama and anxiety, and can actually do more harm. We’re not saying you have to become buddies with everyone, but you should try and be nice and pleasant regardless of differences. You never know what people are struggling with in life, so maybe instead of adding more strife to their life, you can speak encouraging and complementary things to them.

3. Positive thoughts = positive life

It’s true, nothing good ever comes from negative thoughts in your head or toward other people. Sometimes it’s hard to remain positive when it feels like your whole life is falling apart. We’ve all been there and somehow we survive it. It’s at these moments that it’s most important to keep your head up. Know that it will only get better from here and that not only will you survive, but you’ll make it out a stronger person. Don’t forget that what you FOCUS on becomes your life. If you allow doubt, worry, and fear to dictate your thought life, chances are you’re going to reproduce those things in your life. And the same goes for being positive, hopeful, and full of joy! Choose your thoughts wisely!

4. Never stop giving

Continuously give to those around you. Don’t worry, you don’t have to spend a small fortune giving gifts to every single person you know. Give your support, time, love, advice, energy, encouragement, etc. Make a difference in someone’s life. Aren’t there times when you just need someone there for you? Be that person and you will receive as well.

5. Believe in yourself

Each and every one of us is here for a purpose. You’re designed to do great things. But the great hijacker of our greatest dreams is fear. You need to know that fear is a liar. It will keep you from believing in yourself and believing in your dreams. You will have your doubts and there will be people that want you to fail, but you need to decide to follow your passion no matter what anyone thinks. In the end, your opinion is the only one that matters and if you want to make a difference in your life, you have to follow your own path. Start believing that you are capable of creating the life that you want. Don’t waste your time beating yourself up and telling yourself everything you’re bad at. Instead, do the opposite. Become your biggest cheerleader, not your worst critic.

6. Be happy

It’s simple enough but many of us aren’t truly happy. Think about it. Do you go to work depressed every day? Do you continuously feel down on yourself? That’s not what life’s all about! Life is supposed to be FUN! You can choose your happiness. Do the things you LOVE. Surround yourself with the people that always lift you up.

Don’t think of these things as your official New Year’s resolutions. There’s no planning needed for this, but if you really want to find more peace and fulfillment in life, it’s important to look within yourself and see what areas you can improve in. Print this list out and keep it close. Ask yourself “Am I happy today?” and if the answer’s no, take a moment to get a new focus and direct yourself back to whom you really want to be. Do the one (or many) things you’re passionate about on a daily basis. Enjoy the small things in life like the time you get to spend with loved ones. That’s what’s really important. It’s ok to work on yourself first but also think about other people. How can you make their lives a little better? We hope the New Year is an excuse for you to be an even more amazing person and feel free to share your inspirational stories with us throughout the year. Connect with us on our Facebook page or right here on this blog.

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