6 Tricks for Lefties

By Nicole Tinkham

Did you know that only 12% of all people are left-handed? That means the majority of the population has no idea the struggles that come with being a leftie. For starters, pen ink easily smears on the side of your hand, using scissors is a struggle, and elbow bumping at the dinner table is just straight up annoying. And not all lefties are the same. You have over-writers who position their hand above the line they’re writing on and the under-writers who do the exact opposite. So in honor of all left-handed writers, we put together a list of tips & tricks (as well as products) that will make your life easier.

1. Notebooks
Flip your spiral bound notebook/sketchbook upside down and work from the back of the book. This way the spiral binding edge won’t get in your way.

2. Pens
Look for pens that are smear proof. Ballpoint pens have quick-drying ink which will prevent smearing. Here are a few we recommend.

Paper Mate® Ballpoint Retractable Design Pen

Paper Mate® Profile Ballpoint Pens

Papermate Pen2

Dr. Grip FullBlack Advanced Ink Retractable Ball Point Pen


3. Pencils
For lefties who prefer writing with a pencil, there’s a solution for you as well. We recommend pencils with a hard lead as they’re less likely to smudge. Check out this helpful blog to determine the best lead for your needs.

4. Computer mouse
Most computer mice are geared toward right-handed people, having grooves and buttons on the left side (accessible to the thumb). Grr! However, there are mice that suit both types of people. Hint: make sure to check the description before purchasing a new mouse!

Logitech® Anywhere Mouse MX, Wireless

Kensington® Mouse for Life Wireless Three- Button Mouse


Kensington® Mouse for Life Wired Three- Button Mouse, Left/ Right, Black

5. Scissors
If you’re left-handed, you know this struggle all too well. There are scissors available that are (supposed to be) comfortable for both right and left handed users. Here’s a list of some you may want to look into: Right/Left Handed Scissors

6. Padfolios
Here’s an example of an item right-handed people would have never guessed to cause issues to lefties. Most padfolios come with the pad on the right side, making it easy to jot down notes for the majority of people (except left-handed writers, or course). Look for a pad holder with the writing pad on the left side like the one pictured below.

Universal® Zip- Around Padfolio

We’ve learned a lot about the left-handed writer just by putting this blog together but now we want to hear from YOU! Did we talk about anything you had never thought of before? Did we leave anything out? Be sure to let us know about them on our Facebook page and help your fellow lefties out.

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