How to have a productive (but fun) Friday

By Nicole Tinkham

Woohoo it’s Friday!! But wait, it’s not the weekend quite yet. You still have a full day of work ahead of you. Whether it’s casual day or not, chances are everyone is feeling a little casual and ready to get their weekend started. The downside, however to (slightly) slacking off on Friday is making up for it on Monday. But don’t let that stop you from having a happy Friday. Here’s how to have fun AND be productive when all you can really think about is two days of freedom.

Use your peak hours wisely

We’re guessing by Friday afternoon, your main goal is just getting out of work ASAP. You’re drained from the work week and are in no mood to get a ton of work done. Make sure to get the important stuff out of the way early on in the day when you’re most alert. Use the afternoon hours to answer emails and complete smaller tasks.

Get creative

You’re super pumped for the weekend and in a better mood than ever before. If all the dirty work is done for the week, enjoy being creative and knock out some brainstorming. This is super productive, fun, and will make your afternoon fly by.

Decide what you’re going to accomplish

Instead of working on whatever tasks get thrown your way, focus on a few important ones and make sure to complete them. Go into the day knowing exactly what’s ahead of you and make sure to write those goals down. Don’t go easy on yourself just because it’s Friday!

Don’t watch the clock

Fridays are basically like the much longer version of an afternoon at the office. You’re so anxious to be done with the day that you sit there and watch the clock slowly count down the minutes. Here’s a secret, the more productive you are, the quicker the time goes by. Instead of watching the clock, tell yourself that you can’t start the weekend until X, Y, and Z are complete.

Start something new

Fridays are often reserved to finish up work from the week but who says you can’t start a new project that you’ve been putting off? Get something rolling on Friday, leave work feeling like you’ve accomplished something, and come back at it with a fresh start on Monday.

Schedule emails

Emails rarely get answered on Fridays so stop wasting your time sending them. You can actually schedule emails to go out at a later date. You’ll just have to find the right tool to do so. Try scheduling them for Monday or Tuesday instead. Use the lack of emails to your advantage. You can now use that time to actually get things done!

Leave the office early

Not everyone has this luxury but if you can, leaving early can push you harder to get your work done in the morning hours. But be careful! You actually have to set goals for the day and reach them before you can go home!

You can say no

It’s impossible to be able to do everything. Every once in awhile whether you like it or not, you’ll have to say no to a project and Friday’s are the perfect time to practice saying that dreaded little word. It can be stressful and nerve wracking but get it out of the way before the weekend starts so it’s not hanging over your head. This also allows for you to focus on getting things that you already have on your plate done before the weekend.

Listen to music

If it helps you concentrate, go ahead and listen to music while you work. Many offices are quieter on Fridays so chances are the few people that are in the office won’t mind a little background noise. Be sure to ask them about it first though!

Make a schedule for next week

Another way to be productive on a Friday is to take a look at what’s ahead in the upcoming week. Make sure on Monday morning you’re heading into a fresh work week with all tasks, projects, and meetings well-organized. This will save you loads of time and headache in the week to come.

Make the most out of your lunch break

There’s nothing that drags out longer than a Friday afternoon. Eating carbs will only make you feel sleepy in the second half of the day so try to eat a healthier lunch to stay alert and productive. Enjoy this break and take the rest of the day head on!

Start early

One of the main reasons little gets done on Friday is because you’re so burnt out from the rest of the week. The work week should only be four days long, right? But it’s not so you must make the most of that 5th day. Make sure you get plenty of sleep the night before so you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to do. If you’re really feeling good, go ahead and get some things done early. Why not?

If you’re going to be stuck in the office on a Friday, you should at least make the most of your time. You can get a little goofy and choose fun projects to work on but being productive is the key. Get as much done on Friday as possible and you won’t be worried about it all weekend, leading to a stress-free Monday morning. Sounds like a win-win to us!

How do you stay productive on Friday? Share your tips in the comment box below or over on our Facebook page!

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