7 Real Struggles Every Artist Goes Through

By Nicole Tinkham

7 Real Struggles Every Artist Goes Through

Being creative is a GIFT that not everyone has nor understands. Creative people see the world differently. They have a deep passion for making beautiful things. However, this gift doesn’t come easily. Having a constant flow of ideas is great but what happens when they keep you up all night? What do you do if they suddenly stop and you feel completely lost? The feeling of not being good enough can tear you apart. Not being considered professional can make you second-guess your career choice. These are just some of the many struggles artists face. Now here are a few others that you, as an artist, can relate to.

1.    Envying another artist’s skill

No matter how amazing of an artist you are, you’ll always find someone better than you. It’s frustrating considering the effort you put in. Just remember that there are always new techniques to learn which will only help you grow as an artist. Turn your envy around and become inspired by these artists.

2.    Graphite on the side of your hand

If the only mess you worry about is graphite on the side of your hand, we’d say you’re in pretty good shape! Art supplies tend to be messy and once you get in the zone, the paint (and whatever else you’re using) goes flying everywhere. You get it all over your clothes, the floor, your face, in your ears, literally EVERYWHERE. On that note, you also tend to be judged by your lack of organization. Creative minds are rarely tidy, right?

3.    The “will you draw me” question

“Oh you’re an artist? Draw a picture of me!”

Sound familiar? First of all, there are many types of artists out there. There are graphic designers, painters, graffiti artists, and many more. Even if drawing is your focus, who says you want to drop everything you’re doing to draw a picture of a stranger for free?

4.    The starving artist myth

Why do others assume that just because you’re an artist you aren’t making any money? Do they really think you’re unsuccessful? The “starving artist” is clearly just a myth as there are plenty of artists making huge profits.

5.    Sleep is interrupted by ideas

Inspiration strikes and the most inconvenient times like 3:00 am when you have an early morning appointment to attend. And you can’t simply fall back to sleep. Now that your wheels are turning it’s nearly impossible to stop thinking about that idea.

Then you have the complete opposite where you can’t come up with a creative idea if your life depended on it. This is where you feel like a complete failure. But don’t give up! You’ll find a way to get those creative juices flowing once again.

6.    Not everyone takes you seriously

Ever come across someone that almost laughs in your face when you tell them you’re a full-time artist? Art is often looked at as a hobby rather than a profession. There are people that you’ll most likely face that just don’t understand what a professional artist does.

7.    They don’t understand the struggle

Non-artists will NEVER understand the struggle that goes along with being an artist. It’s not all fun and games. You don’t sit there and paint smiley faces with your fingers like you’re in preschool. But this is what they assume you do. Let’s face it, they’ll probably never understand until the day they actually pick up a paint brush and try it for themselves!

So these are all struggles you’re probably facing as an artist. The point we’re trying to make here is that regardless of what other people think, keep going. You follow your passion. It’s a bumpy road but if you follow it through, the rewards are tremendous. Don’t let the small stuff get to you. The next time someone rolls their eyes at your messy studio, remember the amazing things that come out of that studio. Make the “starving artist” truly only a myth. Prove them wrong! You can be successful as an artist. Believe in yourself you you’ll get there.

Artists! Tell us the #1 thing you’re struggling with at the moment. Leave a comment below and make sure to connect with us on our Facebook page.

10 thoughts on “7 Real Struggles Every Artist Goes Through

  1. Definitely 1.Enving another artist’s work. I drive myself crazy with this!! If I even glance at an art peace I want to throw mine away and start over!!🎨📚😕😔😞

    1. I was reading your comment and I understand how you feel. I have been so frustrated that I threw the whole canvas away, I try not to do that any more, I try to just start over right on top of it. Other peoples art is one of the most inspirational for me. I have a hard time with imagination. It’s not that I don’t have any it’s putting it on the canvas. I can only paint what I see, so that’s what I do. I call it my interpretation. I still have a very long way to go and lots to learn. I’m not gonna give up though, I LOve art too much, I LOve painting. 🙂

  2. Finding your own style or voice as some people say, is my biggest struggle. I don’t think anyone ever feel secure in the direction they have taken. As you have said negative comments or self doubt can make you question yourself but at some point we all have to take that leap of faith and say ” I can do this and this is me! “

  3. Ugh! Yes! The struggles of people asking to draw them and the MESS!
    The mess is why I draw digitally mostly, but when there comes the time to draw someone else… I’m seriously like ‘you really want me to drop what I’m drawing that I WANT to draw so then I can draw you? No thanks’, and I’m still in high school, so when I’m drawing in class, I get this question at least three times a day

  4. The struggle is real..The reasons are there and the solution is not…check out my short personal experience on
    I am looking for that one suggestion that is going to resonate wih me. Anyone, please,advise ?…

  5. I wouldn’t go as far as saying that “the starving artist” is a myth. Perhaps it’s not your struggle, but it definitely is a reality for many of us. I’m literally going off of one mediocre meal a day sometimes because I need the money to catch public transit to auditions, rehearsals, classes, etc. This struggle is real. As cliche as it is, many of us wake up, get on the grind and stay on the grind all day, everyday. It’s difficult, but we do it because it’s what we want and love. I actually wrote a blog post which sort of covers this. Read it here: http://afterthebean204.blogspot.com/2018/02/the-least-they-could-do-is.html

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