How to Follow Your Passion in a Job you Hate

By Nicole Tinkham


If you’ve held multiple job positions in your life, you probably know that you’re not always going to strike gold with every new career choice. In fact, sometimes that ‘dream job’ you took turns out to be a complete nightmare. So, what do you do when you feel like you’re in over your head with no way out? Finding a new job is a daunting task, but staying in a place where you’re miserable will negatively impact both you and the people around you. When you’re unhappy, it spreads negative vibes throughout the office and ultimately affects the entire company. If you dread going into the office every morning, you might be lacking passion. We’d love to help you bring your unique passion into the workplace so you can begin loving the work you do. We’ll start by defining your passion so you can move forward with pursuing your dreams.

Figure out what your passion is

Do you even know what your real passion is? Many people don’t. You’ve got your hobbies, the things you like to do here and there on the weekends. However, just because you’re fond of doing these things doesn’t qualify them as your true passion. To figure out what yours is, ask yourself the following questions.

1.    What are you constantly thinking about?
2.    What are you bringing up in conversation over and over again?
3.    What do people come to you for advice on?
4.    What do you get compliments on the most?
5.    Get some great ideas at night? What’s keeping you up?
6.    Do you ever get caught working on something you’re not supposed to at work? What is it?
7.    What do you feel your purpose is? What can you bring to the world that others can’t?

It’s ok if you don’t have it all figured out yet. You can always focus on your hobbies until your passion comes to you. One of your hobbies may even become that passion.

How can you bring value to the company?

Once you’ve determined your passion, it’s time to figure out how to integrate it into the job you already have. Maybe you can incorporate certain skills or tasks into your current position. If not, there could be a position at your current company that’s more aligned with your passion. Look into transferring into that position being sure to highlight specific skills that you have to offer.

Don’t be discouraged if there’s not a position you’d be interested in. You’ll just have to get a little more creative. How could your skills benefit the company? Maybe a new position within the company could be made just for you. If it’s something you really want, it’s worth pitching your idea.

Follow your passion on the side

So maybe you can’t work your passion into your full time job. Don’t become frustrated, we have a solution! You can always work towards it on your own time. Since you’ll be keeping your 9 to 5 job (for the time being), we recommend finding at least one thing you do love about it. If this is impossible for you to do, it may be time to find a new one.

Starting your own business while working full-time can get hectic. Be sure to plan your time wisely. Make a schedule and keep an effective to-do list with you at all times. You can even find clever ways to squeeze in a few tasks throughout the day on your lunch break. Do whatever you can get done in a day, have fun, and remember to give yourself a break! Doing something that you love even if it’s only in the evening should improve your attitude in the workplace.

Find a new job

If you’ve tried all of the above and it’s just not working out, it’s probably time to find a new job. This can be scary but once you go through with your decision it’ll feel like a weight has been lifted. When choosing a new job, don’t just jump at the first thing you find. Make sure that what you’ll be doing aligns with your passion so you don’t get stuck in another job you hate.

Often times these big decisions are easier said than done. Many people will tell you to just find a new job if you’re unhappy. Simple as that! But it’s not that simple. You can’t always leave a job without a plan plus it takes time to find a new one that you’ll actually enjoy. Just remember to keep your eye on your goals and passions. Continue to make steps forward no matter how small and you’ll eventually get there.

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