By Nicole Tinkham


We are finally solving the ultimate debate in the art world. Which is really the better art marker, Prismacolor or Copic markers? We’re sure you’ve wondered this yourself at some point. You can easily go and ask fellow artists what they recommend but since every artist is so different, prepare to receive conflicting opinions. In fact many artists swear by one marker and won’t even touch the other. Your job is to determine which marker will work best for you and we can help  you figure it out. We broke it down and analyzed features of each marker to give you a simple pros and cons list for each. Hint: They’re both excellent markers. The real thing to look at here is what differentiates Prismacolor and Copic markers and how each will work for your specific needs. Let’s take a look at what we found!

They BOTH are…
Dual ended
Available in a variety of colors

Prismacolor PROS
Rich colors & smooth ink flow
Less expensive
Double-sided markers: Chisel/Fine or Brush/Fine
Larger tips and larger barrel
Easy to find (at Keeton’s!)
Round barrel makes them comfortable to hold in your hand

Prismacolor CONS
Bad odor
Can see overlapped lines
Nibs cannot be removed or refilled
Not as many color options
The smaller end tends to dry out faster
The nibs can get worn down easily

Copic Marker PROS
Artist quality markers
Comes in 4 variations:
Classic – Broad Chisel nib and a Fine Point nib (holds the most ink)
Sketch – Medium Broad nib and a Super Brush nib (oval barrel)
Ciao – Medium Broad Chisel nib and a Super Brush nib
Wide – 3/4″ wide nib
Can mix own colors
Nibs can be replaced
Little odor
Dries fast
Cannot see overlapping lines
Different holding styles (the shapes of the barrels) to suit different artists
Offers more color options
Airbrush compatible with the with the airbrush system
Square barrels don’t roll off your desk
Better skin tones

Copic Marker CONS
More expensive
Can be harder to find

If we had to determine a winner based on this list alone, it would have to be Copic markers. They’re overall a higher quality artist marker BUT that doesn’t mean they’re superior to Prismacolor markers. It all really depends on how you’ll be using the marker. If you’re on a budget or just starting out, Prismacolors are the way to go. Here’s what we suggest: Both types of markers are available individually. Go ahead and purchase a few basic colors of each, test them out using your personal style and choose the one that’s most comfortable for you. You may even find you like using a combination of the two!

Question: Are you team Prismacolor or team Copic? Comment your answer below or let us know on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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