22 Ways to Stress Less at Work

By Nicole Tinkham

When we have a million things on our plate (at home as well as in the office), it’s inevitable that we get a little stressed from time to time. On top of everything on our to-do lists, there’s always some type of office drama, late meeting, and unexpected errands that make our lives even more hectic. It’s important to combat stress when it happens as well as prevent it whenever you can. Stress can keep you up at night, drain your energy, decrease your work performance, leave you irritable, and more. Who wants all of that? Read on to see how you can actually achieve peaceful and productive work days, worry free. Now that would be nice!

1.    Leave the house earlier: Your morning typically predicts how the rest of your day will go. Wake up early and get in the office on time (if not early) so you can relax and drink your coffee before jumping right into work.

2.    Fuel up with snacks throughout the day: Going long hours without eating causes your blood sugar levels to drop which could cause you to feel stressed. Keep quick and easy healthy snacks at your desk to avoid this. We recommend dried fruit and nuts.

3.    Daydream: We don’t say this often but get comfortable at your desk and do some quality daydreaming. Think about a future vacation, relaxing scene, or picture yourself achieving your goals. Stay in this state just long enough to calm yourself down. We can’t have you daydreaming the entire day away! 🙂

4.    Turn off your cell phone: We understand if you need your cell phone to get work done but every once in awhile throughout the day turn it off or turn the sound down so you can get focused.

5.    Praise yourself: Every single time you finish a task, stop and tell yourself what an amazing job you did. It may feel awkward but the boost in confidence will leave you feeling great!

6.    Acknowledge when you’re stressed: Don’t ignore your stress. Sit down and think about why you’re stressed and what the worst possible outcome will be. Chances are you’ll realize you were stressed for no reason and you’ll be able to continue on with your work day.

7.    Keep your inbox organized: With emails coming in every second of the day, it’s no wonder we’re all so stressed. Here are a few tricks to organizing and maintaining your inbox: 9 Easy Ways to Organize Your Inbox

8.    Take a walk: Ideally you’d head outside and take a nice calming walk in the park. But with the constrictions of an office, this could be difficult to do. Instead, walk around the office (or parking lot) for a few minutes to clear your head.

9.    Take a deep breath: An extra boost of oxygen has the power to reduce stress. Practice breathing exercises or just take a few deep breathes when you feel the stress rising.

10.    Listen to music: Classical music slows the heart rate, lowers blood pressure, and reduces stress. If classical music isn’t your thing, listen to whatever puts you in a better mood.

11.    Chew gum: Chewing gum can relieve anxiety, reduce stress, and make you feel more alert. Always have a pack of gum stashed away in your drawer!

12.    Get out: Live a social life by getting out with friends and co-workers. Have a little fun, leave your worries behind, and let them inspire you. Who knows, you may pick up some stress relieving tips from them!

13.    Decorate with plants: Research shows that plants can actually help you relax plus they make great air purifiers! If you don’t have a green thumb, here’s an easy solution: Easy DIY Office Terrarium

14.    Practice Yoga: Yoga is known to reduce stress and although you may not be able to do it in the office, you can always start the day with a good Yoga session before heading to work or when you get home in the evening for a little relaxation.

15.    Stretch it out: If you’re sitting at a desk all day, it’s extremely important to get up and stretch throughout the day. You can do some simple stretches right at your desk and they only take 5 minutes of your time.

16.    Keep tasks organized: Within the last couple minutes of the day, get your to-do list together for the following day. This will keep you on task so you’re not scrambling around trying to get everything done last minute.

17.    Add a personal touch: Bring some personal items like family photos and knick knacks into the office. When you feel like you just can’t take the office stress anymore, look at these items and remind yourself why it’s important to keep going.

18.    Get plenty of sleep: Make sure you’re getting plenty of sleep (at night, not at work). Stress can keep you up at night but not getting enough shut eye can leave you feeling even more stressed. Shut your brain off before heading to bed and make sure your bedroom is at a comfortable temperature and all lights are shut off.

19.    Understand no one’s perfect: Part of your stress can come from your desire to be perfect. It’s never going to happen because no one’s absolutely perfect! Let go of that need and realize that all you can do is your best.

20.    Think positively: We say it all the time because it’s so important. If you tend to think and act negatively, you’re going to receive negative things in your life like stress. Practice having a positive attitude and we’re sure you’ll begin to see a huge difference.

21.    Let things happen: There are always things that are just beyond your control. Don’t let them stress you out! There’s nothing you can do about it so just move on with your life.

22.    Avoid drama: Don’t let the office drama add even more stress to your life. Simply stay out of it!

This list seems lengthy and we hope you don’t stress out over it 🙂 Stress really is a serious issue. It affects your productivity, your personal life, those around you, your happiness, and even your health. Doing just a few of the things mentioned above can help out tremendously.

Leave a comment below or share with us on Facebook what stresses you out and how you handle it. We can’t wait to hear your tips!

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