To Emoji or not to Emoji?

By Nicole Tinkham

To Emoji or not to Emoji_

If you’re not familiar with the term emoji or emoticon, we’re guessing you’d probably still recognize this guy –> 🙂 These little smiley, winky, frown, tongue sticking out faces became popular through text messaging to express emotion and have totally blown up into their own thing. You can literally have full conversations using emojis alone. Once you’re in the habit of sending them to friends and family, that habit can quickly spread into the workplace where you’ll most likely find yourself adding a little 🙂 at the end of emails. Is this silly and childish or perfectly appropriate?

Believe it or not, research has been done on the pictorial representation of feelings (AKA emojis) and was able to show that they have a POSITIVE effect on communication. So you’re in the clear to send out that 😛 when you’re feeling a little goofy!

Moving onto our next dilemma… Outdated emoticons in Microsoft Outlook. If you’re going for a fun smiley, it should at least be one from this century! In case you don’t know what we mean when we say outdated, Outlook’s idea of emojis are quite literally a black circle outline with two dots for eyes and a half circle smile or frown. There’s no color and to be honest, they’re not very fun at all. But luckily we’ve got some tricks up our sleeve to get you back in the year 2015 with updated emojis for your email! Read on for details.

They KEY is to set up your smileys through AutoCorrect. Here’s how it’s done.

1.    You’ll want to find an image of your choice that you’d like to use as your emojis. These can be something you have saved on your computer, found on the web, or a symbol from a font like Wingdings. Basically, you’ll just want to save an image of the smiley you’d like to use.

2.    When you’re in a new message, insert the image.

3.    Select the image (or symbol) and open AutoCorrect (File-> Options-> Mail-> button: Spelling and Autocorrect…-> button: AutoCorrect Options).

4.    In the replace field, type in the characters you want the new image to replace. This would be : ) and : (.

5.    Make sure the “With” is set to “Formatted Text”.

6.    Click the “replace” button. And click “OK” to go back to your message.

Next time you key in your emoji, it will automatically switch over to the image you selected (it converts after hitting the spacebar or the enter key).

Now you can go from : ) to 0753

You’re now free to go emoji crazy! Have a little fun with it but remember to keep it appropriate in the office. What are your feelings on emojis? Let’s discuss over on our Facebook page!

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