10 Ways to get more art into your life

By Nicole Tinkham

10 Ways to get more art into your life

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that most of us are short on time, so when it comes to personal hobbies, they tend to get pushed aside. This is particularly true for those who work full time. Sometimes, it’s nearly impossible to get any quiet time after leaving the office. You rush home after work, run a few errands along the way, cook dinner and start to get ready for bed. So, starting a new creative project is probably the last thing on your mind. Can you relate?

Get ready because we’re about to get brutally honest. Art is your life and it’s important that you do it. It’s about time you make it a priority. You are no longer going to put it aside. There are NO EXCUSES from this day forward. You will fit art into your schedule no matter how busy you are and you will create art every single day. Make the promise to yourself right now that you will do everything you can to bring art back into your life by doing the following 10 things.

1.    Make a list of everything that can be cut from your daily routine that isn’t making any improvements in your life. This could be the 10 minutes of Facebook on your lunch break, the half hour of TV time every evening, reading mindless magazines in waiting rooms, or twiddling your thumbs on the bus. List at least 3 things that you would be willing to give up for the sake of your art.

2.    Use that extra time to take a walk. Clear your mind, notice your surroundings, and be inspired. Take a notebook or sketchbook along with you and jot down anything that comes to mind. This will get you in the creative mindset.

3.    Your daily task: JOURNAL. Do it every single day. It doesn’t matter if it’s a quick sketch or a complete masterpiece. It could even be something written like a poem or short story. Or you can use it as a diary and talk about your personal experiences. All of these are different ways to be creative and you don’t even have to be an artist to do them. Got 5 minutes? That’s all it takes to get an idea on paper!

4.    Read something that inspires you. Instead of reading mindless magazines pick up a really good book or check out art blogs that get you thinking and spark your creativity.

5.    Act like a kid every once in awhile. You still have to be a responsible adult (sometimes) but there’s also a time to be a little goofy and just have fun.  Children have this carefree mindset that we often lose when we grow up and have new responsibilities. Ever hear the quote “Every child is an artist. The problem is staying an artist when you grow up” by Picasso? To get back into that creative mode we must let go and be a kid again!

6.    Repeat after us: “I AM an artist”. Think of yourself first as an artist and second as your profession. Practice saying “I’m an artist who does accounting” instead of the other way around. Never think you’re not good enough. You are! Stop doubting yourself and own up to your REAL title as an artist.

7.    Figure out what you’re afraid of. If you’ve been putting off your art for a seriously long time, chances are there’s something holding you back. In order to move forward, you must determine what it is. We’ve found that many artists have a fear of not being perfect. Do you know how silly that is? The only way you can improve your skill is to give it a try and do it! Figure out the real reason why you haven’t made art a priority and ask yourself what the worst could happen if you just went for it.

8.    Take your art seriously. Whether you’re selling your art for profit, have your art hung in galleries, or just dabble on the weekends it’s important to take it seriously. You ARE a real artist (see and practice #6). Now it’s time to live up to it.

9.    Work in public. You’ve got to work on your art any chance you can get and sometimes that just happens to be in public. Luckily there are many ways to get creative when on the bus, in the Dr.’s office, in the office break room, or wherever you find yourself throughout the day. Here are some artsy things you can do when away from home.

•    Art journal
•    Knitting/crochet
•    Art apps on your phone
•    Photography
•    Writing

10.    Let creativity take over your life. Once you get rolling with your creativity, don’t fight it! The more you use your creative mind, the more the ideas will come to you. Always carry either a notebook, sketchbook, or smartphone with you at all times to jot down your ideas!

Consider this your creative bootcamp. Just like getting in shape, people often push their creative projects to the side when life gets busy. We’re here to motivate you because we know you can do it. We know how powerful unleashing your creative ideas can be. So what will you start doing from now on? You’ll be creative every single day, you’ll welcome new creative ideas and jot them in your idea journal which you will carry with you everywhere, you’ll be proud of your skills no matter where you’re at artistically, and you’ll make the time to do all of it regardless of your busy lifestyle. And don’t think we won’t check in with you every once in awhile to make sure you’re on track 🙂

Head over to our Facebook page and let us know how you’re adding more art into your life!

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