4 Fun Fourth of July Office Games

By Nicole Tinkham

The Fourth of July is just days away and if you’re not planning an office party, you need to do so soon!  Trust us, we use any excuse we can to have a little fun in the office. It’s important! It brings everyone together and allows co-workers to loosen up and get to know one another on a more personal level.  Everything changes when you can discuss topics outside the workplace and just be yourself. As always, we have some killer ideas to help plan your office party. While we could easily list a bunch of fun 4th of July snacks to bring to a potluck or DIY decorating ideas, we decided to focus on GAMES this time around. We’ll go ahead and skip the lame party games that no one really enjoys and go straight to where it’s at with relay races, scavenger hunts, trivia, and a special office game. Keep reading for great ideas on these Fourth of July activities you need to be playing in the office this year.

1.    Relay Race
When we think of relay races, we think of good ole’ tug-o-war, sack races, balloon pops, etc. But really, a relay race can be ANYTHING you can come up with. Create a fun theme that’s out of the ordinary. Think about making it industry related. For example, one of our games could be hooking paperclips together or folding a piece of paper 8 times. There are so many different options! Just look around the office and see how you can use the items you have available to you.

You can take the relay games to the next level by creating a name and logo for the relay, custom t-shirts, and a trophy for the winning team. Keep in mind that this event can be as simple or complex as you’d like. You don’t necessarily have to go all out although we think it would be a lot of fun 🙂

2.    Scavenger Hunt
We don’t think we’ve ever met a person that didn’t have fun on a clever scavenger hunt. Like the relay race idea, a scavenger hunt can either be very detailed and planned out or fairly basic. We love incredibly clever riddles so feel free to get a little creative here.

Here’s an example clue:

It isn’t a coat hanger
But is made of wire that’s bent
For attaching emergencies
This item’s heaven sent
(paper clip)


It goes before “food”
For things we routinely eat
In an office it has two bent legs
But never any feet

Have everyone split up into teams and hand them the first riddle. Once they locate the object give them the next riddle and so on until one team finishes first. The example clues above are simple but you can make them as difficult as you want. Just keep in mind how much time you plan on spending because tough riddles could take all day! Again, you can get creative and have prizes for the winning team.

3.    Trivia
Trivia games are always a party favorite and we love them because they can be so diverse. You can bring in a game like Trivial Pursuit or make up your own. You can also have themes like how well you know your co-workers, music & movies, Fourth of July facts, or something to do with the industry you’re in.

Family Feud is a great game to play with a lot of co-workers. You can send out an email with various questions (Favorite Christmas song, What time do you get up for work in the morning?, How fast do you drive when the speed limit is 65?, etc.) and add up the results to see which answers were most popular. Proceed with the game as seen on Family Feud by breaking off into two teams and guess what the top answers are. A dry erase board is perfect for revealing the answers. Leave a comment at the end of this post if you have any additional questions on how to play this game.

4.    Desk Thief
If you’ve never played a round of desk thief in the office, you’re missing out. It’s a simple game but you learn so much about your co-workers based on what they have stashed away at their desks. If you’re the game host, grab one item from each person’s desk after hours. It could be a candy bar they have tucked away, a unique tape dispenser, or anything else fun or different you can find. Only search the top of the desk unless you have permission to go through the drawers. When it’s time to start the game, reveal each item one by one and have everyone write down who they think the item belongs to. We recommend giving prizes to the co-workers with the most correct responses.

These are 4 games that could actually be played at any time of the year but you can use your imagination and make them appropriate for the Fourth of July. For example, stolen items in Desk Thief could all be red, white, and blue or team colors in the relay race could be red and blue. Not only are these games a fun break from everyday office work but they’re also team building activities that help build strong relationships in the office. Do you have an office game you’d like to add to the list? Let us know what it is by leaving a comment below!

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