4 Things you need to discover about yourself for a better life

By Nicole Tinkham

4 Things you need to discover about yourself.jpg

Have you every taken one of those crazy online quizzes that will tell you for example which Disney character you are?  Sometimes they’re actually pretty accurate, but most of the time we take them just for fun. While you may have a better idea of your personality type than those silly quizzes, how well do you really know yourself? We’re talking about the deep stuff like your strengths and weaknesses, the way in which you communicate, and the one thing in life you were meant to do. When you’re not thinking about this stuff regularly, you tend to get caught up with everything else going on around you and you lose touch with yourself. Don’t you think it’s about time you got to the core of who you really are? Here are four things you need to discover about yourself to live a better life.

Likes & Dislikes
This may seem like an obvious one but seriously consider what you like and dislike in life. This is more than just your favorite ice cream flavor or dislike for the color pink. Instead, ask yourself what brings you joy. How do you like to spend your weekends? What type of people do you like to be around? What are some things you dread doing? At what time are you most happy? What tends to get you down? What calms you down when you’re stressed? What’s the one thing that stresses you out the most? Grab your notebook and write these things down! Make an attempt to do more of the things you like and less of the things in the dislike column.

Communication style
Your communication style might be a little more difficult to figure out than your likes and dislikes. You’ll have to really examine the way in which you communicate with others, both when explaining things and learning new things. Are you better at communicating through writing or speaking? Do you give clear directions or do people tend to ask a lot of questions because they don’t understand you? Think of a random object. How would you explain it to someone who’s never seen it? How do you go about giving driving directions? Do you draw out a map? Do you list off street names? Do you describe surrounding landmarks?

Also consider how you learn best. Would you rather watch someone else do the steps or would you rather do them yourself? Do pictures help guide you or do you prefer straight text? Do you learn better by teaching someone else? Are you a self taught learner or do you like the guidance of others?

Asking yourself these questions and determining what type of communicator and learner you are will open your eyes to what you can improve upon and help you get your message across more clearly.

Strengths and weaknesses
We all have something we do exceptionally well and other areas in life that could use some work. Some of your strengths can be found within the things you enjoy doing. Naturally, we enjoy doing what we’re good at. It gives us satisfaction to complete a task and do it well. Listen to the people around you. What are some favors you often get asked to do for others? What do you get the most compliments on? What are some things you do that get the biggest reaction from other people? What do you feel proud of? Are you an expert in anything? What activities do you naturally gravitate towards? What do you find yourself wanting to learn more about? These things would be considered your strengths.

When it comes to your weaknesses, remember that these aren’t bad. You shouldn’t feel down about what you aren’t good at. These don’t make you any less of a person but it’s important to identify them so you know what areas of your life can use a little work. Think about the things you procrastinate on. What tasks do you constantly put off? What things do you not enjoy doing? What are some things that scare you? What do you shy away from? What makes you nervous? What do you feel uneasy about? These are the things you need to start learning more about and practicing. If you work on your weaknesses you’ll grow as a person, expand your knowledge and skills, and become more successful.

Your passion
Your passion differs from your hobbies but one of your hobbies could turn into your passion. Hopefully we can make some sense out of this for you. Your passion is what drives you. It’s what gets you out of bed in the morning. It’s the one thing you can do better than anyone else. It’s what you were born to do. It’s perfectly normal to not have it all figured out yet but we encourage you to do some soul searching to discover it. We want you to live life with purpose! Ask yourself what types of activities you get excited about. What’s always on your mind? What can you not stop talking about? When at work, what would you rather be doing with your time? What keeps you up at night? What’s the first thing you think about when waking up? Finding your passion can be a process but it’s important to take your time and really consider what yours is so you can follow through with it. Check out Finding your passion with 7 SIMPLE questions for more guidance.

We hope you grabbed a piece of paper and wrote these things down! If not, go back over them and do some brainstorming. It’s important to understand your inner self in order to move forward in life and succeed. Maybe you’ve just been going through the motions of everyday life and haven’t been following through on your key skills or haven’t put much thought into what you’re most passionate about. These are the things that will drive you to success! You may know a lot about yourself but your life and the people in it are always changing. You need to revisit these personality traits and get reacquainted with yourself from time to time. Do this often to get yourself back on track and aligned with your goals.

This may not be the personality quiz you typically find on Facebook. In fact, we can’t give you the answers at all. This is something you’ll have to answer on your own. But we hope you take the time to learn a little bit more about yourself. Tell us, how has this activity helped you discover who you really are? Do you think it will change your life?

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