4 Mistakes that could be keeping you from getting your dream job

By Nicole Tinkham

4 Mistakes that could be keeping you from getting your dream job

Looking for any new job can be super stressful and can often seem overwhelmingly difficult. If you’re looking to change careers, go after your dream job, or you find yourself unemployed after leaving your last job, the pressure is on and stress levels rise. You may find yourself in a panic and ready to give up, so selling yourself short and settling seems like the best option right now. Stop right there! We don’t want you to give up on your dreams. The reason why you’re not getting that dream job could be found in what’s happening on your social media profiles. Seriously! Read on for the top 4 mistakes that could be keeping you from getting that dream job even with all the qualifications.

#1: You’re not looking at the big picture
You probably already have a specific position in mind that you’re going after. You may even have a company that you have your heart set on working for. However, limiting your options is a huge mistake many people make. You don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket. What happens when that doesn’t work out? Not only will your job hunt become a longer process but your confidence will also take a dive. Instead, be open to different possibilities and keep your options open. You might need to take a lower level position for the time being but you never know where that will lead you. There may be a chance that you’ll have the opportunity to move up the ladder. Think outside the box. What type of skills do you have that could help the company? Why would they want to hire YOU? Send your resume to multiple job opportunities and don’t take it hard if they don’t choose you. One of them will! Be sure that you’re sending your resume out to places that you would really like to work for though. You don’t want to get stuck at another job that you dislike or that doesn’t align with your goals.

#2: There are typos on your resume
It sounds silly, but a simple error on a resume could destroy your chances of getting that job. You might actually be the most qualified person for it, but a resume is the first thing they see before meeting you in person. All they have to go off is a piece of paper to determine if you’d be good for the job. They don’t want to waste their time so that missing comma or misspelled word could really hurt your chances to redeem yourself. Make sure you edit your resume thoroughly and have a few people look it over. Keep in mind that you can slightly change your resume depending on the job you’re going after. Different positions will be looking for different skills.  This doesn’t mean you lie on your resume! It just means that you highlight particular skill sets that you have.

#3: You don’t look the part
Ever hear the expression “Dress for the job that you want, not the one you have”? It makes a lot of sense when you consider how much we judge other people based on looks. Employers are just like everyone else in the world. They’ll assume that your appearance is a reflection of your work ethic. If you look sloppy, you’re probably a sloppy worker. If you can’t seem to take care of yourself, you probably can’t take care of important projects either. This may not be true for you but remember that this stranger knows nothing else about you when first taking your seat in front of them. They can’t help but judge you. They need to find someone that will be well suited for their team and first impressions go a long way. This goes well beyond what you decide to wear on interview day. Be polite, stay engaged, and be confident (or at least seem confident on the outside). Employers take all of this into consideration upon meeting you.

#4: Your Facebook page isn’t professional
You’ve heard it before but many of you probably don’t believe it. Employers are looking at your Facebook (or other social media) page(s) to find out who you really are. You wouldn’t think they would take the time to do so but they do. It is after all the best way to get to know someone. And let’s face it; we put on our best face in an interview. That’s not who we really are! Keep your social media posts light, positive, and appropriate. Focus more of your attention on LinkedIn as it’s more of a professional environment than Facebook. Plus you could be discovered by a company you hadn’t even thought of.

Going after a new job is never an easy process and you may feel like a train wreck at times. Hold yourself together though. Remember your skills and why you should be hired. What type of VALUE can you bring to the company? Plan what you’ll say before an interview and practice. There’s nothing worse than being thrown off guard with a simple question and not knowing how to answer it. Always keep your priorities in mind. Don’t go after a position that just isn’t a good fit for you. And BREATHE! Stress only makes the situation worse. Calm down and believe in yourself. You are so talented and WILL get that dream job!

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